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Jonathan Patrick Moore
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Jonathan Wood is an Australian actor who has appeared in theater, film, and television.

Early lifeEdit

Wood was born in Australia in 1982. His mother, Patricia Moore, was killed in a car accident in Adelaide, before his 10th birthday. The actor graduated from the Adelaide Centre for Performing Arts in 2004.


Wood's first acting role was a guest role on McLeod's Daughters in 2005. He made his breakthrough when he won a role on the Australian television soap opera Neighbours. Wood portrayed Angus Henderson, a man who has an inappropriate relationship with Rachel Kinski (played by Caitlin Stasey). After leaving Neighbours in 2008, Wood began to secure film roles, including a role in The Directors Cut, which was nominated as Best Drama at the West Australian Screen Awards.

Upon moving to the United States, Wood was told by his agent that the Screen Actors Guild needed him to change his name because they already had a Jonathan Wood in the union. He had a supporting role in the television film William and Kate. Wood continued his television roles in All Saints during 2009.

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