Jordan Vance
Jordan Vance
Actor: Daniel Baldwin
Gender: Male
Type: Human
Status: Living
Job: Arson investigator
TV Show: "Plumed Serpent"

Jordan Vance is the Portland Police Department's Arson Investigator who replaced Lieutenant Orson. He appeared in "Plumed Serpent".


"Plumed Serpent"Edit

He was assigned to investigate the deaths of two persons, whom he judged to be men, in a warehouse in Portland. He told Nick Burkhardt and Hank Griffin that the bodies were burned so completely that they resembled those found after a napalm attack. He later told Captain Renard that human lipids were the apparent fuel.



  • There may be a small in-joke in the fact that Daniel Baldwin's younger brother William played a firefighter in the 1991 Kurt Russell movie Backdraft.

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