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Josh Randall
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Josh Randall is an American television actor. He is best known for his role as Dr. Mike Burton in the NBC sitcom Ed and the recurring guest role of Jake in Scrubs in 2005. He has had recurring role on the CBS CSI:Crime Scene Investigation drama as Doug Wilson, N.T.S.B. investigator and former lover of Sara Sidle Jorja Fox. Randall was married to Claire Rankin on September 10, 2000, but they divorced in May of 2011.

Randall was born in Pacific Grove, California, and has a brother, Nathan, and sister, Joanna. His father died in 1997 of colon cancer and was commemorated shortly after by having the gym at Monterey High School (Monterey, California) named after him. That gym was where Randall played basketball and his father taught Chemistry and Physics. Randall was co-Editor-in-Chief of the school newspaper, The Galleon, his senior year. His mother, Sharon, is a syndicated columnist.

In 2014, Randall appeared in a Lexus TV spot titled "Remember," and he has since appeared in Quarry, Hit the Floor, and Scorpion.

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