Julie Herlocker
Julie Herlocker
Roles: Producer
First Episode Directed: "Breakfast in Bed"
Last Episode Directed: "Breakfast in Bed"
Episodes Directed: 1
More Info
IMDb: Julie Herlocker

Julie Herlocker is an American director and producer. She was a co-producer for Grimm starting with "Bears Will Be Bears". She was credited as a producer for "The Kiss" and "Bad Moon Rising", but she co-produced the rest of season 2 before being a full time producer starting in season 3. In season 6, she directed her first Grimm episode, ("Breakfast in Bed") which was her second such credit after having directed a short called Peter's Ashes in 2014.

She additionally worked as an associate producer for The West Wing during the show's first two seasons. Her producing credits include previous work on other such TV movies as Protect and Serve, House Rules, and Identity, as well as the television series Taken, Skin, Empire, In Justice, Las Vegas, Knight Rider, and Trauma.

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