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206-Königschlange woge
Other languages: German: Königsschlange
Hungarian: Királykobra
Russian: Змеелорд
Farsi: کونیگ شلانگ
Notables: Dead Arbok

A Königschlange (KOE-nig-shlaa-nguh; Ger. Königsschlange, "boa constrictor," literally "king's snake") is a king cobra-like Wesen that appeared in "Over My Dead Body".


When they woge, their skin turns scaly, a distinctive hood forms, and they gain a serpent-like tongue and fangs.

They have incredible senses, particularly smell and touch, and are sensitive to temperature and can detect weak vibrations. Their acute senses are not foolproof, and anyone who is under the effect of the Dead Faint potion can trick a Königschlange into thinking they are dead. Because of their unique skill, they are generally sought after by those wishing to unmistakably confirm an individual's death, as well as being a living lie detector of sorts. In short, they typically find employment through exceptionally shady avenues.

They also have sharp fangs that release a deadly toxin into whatever they puncture. Königschlange are extremely fast and have incredible reflexes that far exceed those of a Grimm. When Königschlange combine these traits with their impressive physical strength, it enables them to go toe-to-toe with Grimms.


They are an extremely unpleasant and dangerous Wesen species. Monroe implied that they are so dangerous that even Blutbaden fear them, and their name is enough to invoke fear in other Wesen. Königschlange also can be somewhat sadistic and enjoy intimidating others.

They are highly suspicious creatures and are very rarely deceived. Königschlange possess superhuman strength and are strong enough to fight with a Grimm, as Arbok was capable to gain the upper hand in a fight at one point against Nick.

Season 2 Blu-ray Grimm Guide ProfileEdit

King cobra creatures, they have the ability to use their serpent tongues to check body temperature. They also have sharp fangs that release a deadly toxin in whatever they puncture.


Wesen in Grimm
Accipitrid Wesen Barbatus Ossifrage, Geier, Steinadler
Amphibian Wesen Folterseele
Bovine Wesen Fuilcré, Heftigauroch, Taureus-Armenta
Canine Wesen Anubis, Apgadnieks, Blutbad, Coyotl, Höllentier, Hundjäger, Inugami, Luison, Schakal, Wældreór, Wildesheer
Caprine Wesen Krampus, Seelengut, Ziegevolk
Cathartid Wesen Raub-Kondor
Cetancodont Wesen Taweret
Chelicerate Wesen Spinnetod
Chelonian Wesen Genio Innocuo
Chimeric Wesen Manticore, Naiad, Wettbewerbsgewinner
Chiropteran Wesen Murciélago
Dinosaur Wesen Glühenvolk
Falconid Wesen Uhranuti
Feline Wesen Klaustreich, Weten Ogen
Hexapod Wesen Ataktos Fuse, Gevatter Tod, Jinnamuru Xunte, Kackenkopf, Mellifer, Musasat Alsh-Shabab
Lagomorpha Wesen Willahara
Lepidosauromorphan Wesen Furis Rubian, Königschlange, Lausenschlange, Phansigar, Quijada Vil, Skalengeck, Varme Tyv, Wasser Zahne
Lutrine Wesen Luisant-Pêcheur
Machairodontine Wesen Mauvais Dentes
Meline Wesen Drang-Zorn
Mustelid Wesen Ungeziefer Greifer
Osteichthyan Wesen Cracher-Mortel, Hasenfussige Schnecke, Matança Zumbido, Unnamed Red Herring-like Wesen
Pantherine Wesen Balam, Löwen, Pflichttreue, Yaguaraté
Passeriform Wesen Seltenvogel
Perissodactyl Wesen Dickfellig, Nuckelavee
Primate Wesen Alpe, Aswang, Cupiditas, El Cucuy, El Cuegle, Excandesco, Fuchsteufelwild, Hässlich, Hexenbiest, Indole Gentile, Koschie, Musai, Siegbarste, Wendigo, Wildermann, Zerstörer
Pseudosuchian Wesen Gelumcaedus, Skalenzahne
Rodent Wesen Eisbiber, Mauzhertz, Reinigen, Riesen-Ratte, Stangebär
Sauropsidans Wesen Dämonfeuer
Spiralian Wesen Gedächtnis Esser, Huntha Lami Muuaji, Lebensauger
Strigiform Wesen Scharfblicke
Suinan Wesen Bauerschwein, Malin Fatal, Schinderdiv
Ursid Wesen Jägerbar
Vulpine Wesen Fuchsbau, Kitsune, Vulpesmyrca

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