This page lists characters, including Wesen, who appear only in "Key Move"

Stephan Barinov

Actor Paul Lloyd Cuneo 511-Stephan Barinov
Gender Male
Type Unknown
Status Living
Comments He impatiently waited with Lucien Petrovitch for Marwan Hanano to arrive so that Marwan could pick up a case Barinov brought, containing pieces that could be assembled to form an advanced sniper rifle. He was about to leave when Marwan finally did arrive, at which point Barinov described the sniper to him as Marwan put the weapon together. Marwan told him he'd find if Barinov found a mistake and then walked over to a window to go test it out. Barinov told him not to kill anyone because the cops would be all over everything, but Marwan shot a basketball that was being used in a pickup game on a distant basketball court instead.

Officer Fogel

Actor Michael Hudson 511-Officer Fogel
Gender Male
Type Human
Status Living
Comments Officer Fogel identified Marwan Hanano getting some coffee near Lovejoy Fountain Park. His partner, Officer Ricci, told him that the orders were not to engage but to just follow, so Officer Fogel went to go follow Marwan as Officer Ricci called it in. However, he soon lost track of Marwan, who led him into a trap. When Officer Fogel saw Marwan's cup of coffee on the ground near an open door and went to investigate, Marwan assaulted him from behind in his fully woged form. Marwan let him live, however.


Actor Aaron Ross 511-Matt
Gender Male
Type Human
Status Deceased
Comments Marwan Hanano killed him in order to gain access to his apartment, which he had previously scouted as the place he would use to shoot Andrew Dixon from during his political campaign rally.

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