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Other languages: German: Koschie
Hungarian: Koscsi
Russian: Кощей
Farsi: کاسچی
Notables: Dead Boris Myshkin
Dead Grigori Rasputin

A Koschie (KAH-shee; Rus. Коще́й "Koshchey," a skeleton-man in Russian folklore) is a radioactive skeleton man-like Wesen that first appeared in "Red Menace".


When they woge, Koschie gain an almost sickly appearance. The sclera of their eyes turns jet black while their irises turn a radioactive green. Beneath their translucent skin are vein nodules and, through openings in their misshapen skull, portions of brain matter that glow the same shade of green. Further adding to their sickly appearance are rotten looking teeth, which due to the Koschie's translucent lips and skin, are always visible even when the mouth is closed, and their lack of hair. Koschie can focus their woge to just their eyes and their hands.

Koschie have the ability to heal other beings of serious injuries and aliments. Sometimes the injury or ailment heals instantaneously along with any pain associated with it, while other times the pain lingers for a while, but gradually goes away over time. Koschie can also afflict people with serious radiation poisoning, which will kill the victim within a few days. The dosage is so high that the afflicted area will still be "hot" a few days later. The use of both abilities, particularly the healing ability, puts stress on their bodies and weakens them the more they use the ability. If they use their healing ability too much, it will eventually kill them.

Koschie possess superhuman strength and enhanced reflexes. This allows them to turn the tables on their attackers even if they are ambushed. Boris was able to easily overpower his assailant and throw him out of a closed window, despite being weakened by using his "touch of death." Koschie are also extremely hard to kill. Grigori Rasputin survived several assassination attempts on his life, including several gunshots, while Boris survived being poisoned and stabbed in the chest with scissors by Larissa Komarov.


Koschie are very free-spirited, in the sense that they have a very large libido and often use their reputation as healers to woo females. Using their healing abilities also "fires up" their sex drive. They enjoy drinking, they remember the names of everyone they've killed, and they can feel very remorseful after taking a life. They sometimes use their ability to heal to make up for the lives they have taken.

Excerpt from Grimm Diaries

December 1, 1916

Lieutenant Oswald Rayner
Saint Petersburg, Russia

Ozzie, received your dispatch. Rasputin's influence over the Czarina and his call to remove Russian troops from the Front is devastating to the Allied Cause. Your plan is approved. God save King George.

Sir Ian Hastings
British Secret Intelligence Bureau

Because of their healing powers, they are extremely difficult to kill. But one must be especially careful because a Koschie's touch can not only heal but also be fatal. When the poison proved ineffective, I instructed Yusupov to just shoot the bastard. Unfortunately, he fired only one shot and I quickly shot him three more times with my Webley. But still this wasn't enough to kill him. We had to beat him senseless and dump him into the icy waters of the Neva River. Ironically, British Intelligence had no idea they had sanctioned a Grimm to kill a Wesen.

Season 3 Blu-ray Grimm Guide Profile

A Russian-based healer Wesen, they wear monks' robes and appear to have bile-green eyes and transparent, glowing green hands when woged. Their healing powers make them very difficult to kill, and their touch can both heal and kill. As Nick learned, Rasputin was a Koschie.



Creature Profile The Koschie - Grimm

Creature Profile The Koschie - Grimm


  • This is the first Wesen to have a Russian name.
  • The creature upon which this Wesen is based is spelled Koschei.
Wesen in Grimm
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Amphibian Wesen Folterseele
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Suinan Wesen Bauerschwein, Malin Fatal, Schinderdiv
Ursid Wesen Jägerbar
Vulpine Wesen Fuchsbau, Kitsune, Vulpesmyrca

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