Actor: Tim True
Gender: Male
Type: Human
Relationships: Goyo, business relationship
Dead James Vazquez, business relationship
Status: Living
Job: Lucha PDX manager
Languages known: Spanish

Larry is a luchador wrestling manager for Lucha PDX who appeared in "Silence of the Slams".


"Silence of the Slams"Edit

After Goyo lost his fight to Mayordomo, Larry went into the locker room to commend him for making Mayordomo look good, but he then noticed Goyo's mask all torn up on the floor. Goyo was upset and said he was better than Mayordomo and that he could beat him, but Larry told him that's not what he was being paid to do and that he needed to fix his mask if he wanted to get back in the ring. Goyo pleaded for one chance to prove himself, and Larry replied, "Listen, buddy. You're just not headliner material. I mean, your technique is solid, but you just don't have the pizzazz. Plus, you don't speak Spanish. How come your parents never taught you how to speak Spanish? Hey, look, you want to quit, I understand. I can't give you what you need. No hard feelings. So you either get a new mask, or adios muchacho."

The next night, Goyo returned to fight, but he had a new mask this time. Larry was pleased to see him in the locker room and took notice of the new mask, commenting on how real it looked. After Goyo beat Mayordomo, Larry congratulated Goyo back in the locker room and told him that what he did was bold and that he would've killed him had the crowd not loved the match. Despite Mayordomo's protests to what had happened, Larry told Goyo he was going to headline tomorrow night's match, and Mayordomo then angrily left the locker room.

Later that night, Nick and Hank went to Lucha PDX to speak with Larry. They informed him about Mayordomo's murder, which Larry was shocked to hear. Larry told the detectives that he assumed Mayordomo had many enemies but that he avoided getting involved in the wrestlers' personal lives. He then told them about how he had gotten into an argument with Goyo after Goyo beat him in the ring, which usually wasn't what happened to Mayordomo, adding that Goyo looked good in his new mask that night. Hank asked him if he knew who made the mask, and Larry told them Benito made it and then went to go get the detectives the addresses for Goyo and Benito.


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