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This page lists characters, including Wesen, who appear only in "Last Grimm Standing"

Dimitri Skontos

Actor Jeremiah Washburn Dmitri skantos1
Gender Male
Type Skalenzahne
Status Living
Comments He was a Skalenzahne who was forced to fight in the Löwen Games. At some point during his adult life, he did drugs and was arrested for it. He was eventually released on parole with his friend, Brian Cooney. However, their parole officer, Leo Taymor, was the leader of the Löwen. Realizing Dimitri's fighting potential, Taymor kidnapped him, with the help of other Löwen, while he was out jogging, and forced him to fight. After feeding him human/Wesen flesh, they managed to drain him of all of his humanity and turn him into a complete killing machine.

Eventually, Dimitri managed to escape from them, but having been turned into a barbaric monster, he attacked an ordinary couple, the Wellers, and killed both of them; however, he was recaptured and dragged away by the Löwens.

Dimitri's friend, Brian, who was a Dickfellig, was later thrown into the arena with him. But in his new barbaric state of mind, he savagely killed his friend in the arena. Later while waiting the next night's fight to begin, he was helped by Monroe, who was also captured and had a piece of a flail removed from his hand. However, due to his lack of humanity, he had no problem fighting Monroe in the arena. He was about to kill Monroe when Nick intervened, and as part of a deal with Taymor, took Monroe's place.

The two fought, and although Dimitri was stronger and faster than any man, Nick's Grimm abilities gave him an edge over the Skalenzahne. After a close fight, Nick managed to defeat him, and Dimitri was taken into police custody.

Ed Weller

Actor Allen Nause Ed Weller
Gender Male
Type Human
Status Deceased
Comments He was a retiree who went looking for his dog. He was killed by Dimitri Skontos, a Skalenzahne.

Lois Weller

Actor Sharva Maynard Lois Weller
Gender Female
Type Human
Status Deceased
Comments She was the wife of a retiree. Her husband went to look for their dog and came back fatally injured. His assailant, a Skalenzahne named Dimitri Skontos, then attacked and killed her. She was about to call the police when she was murdered.


Actor Ron Wright 112-Clement
Gender Male
Type Löwen
Status Living
Comments He was driving Monroe's Volkswagen after Monroe was taken captive. Nick intercepted him and forced him to reveal where Monroe was being taken.

Gus Pappas

Actor Todd Tolces Gus pappas1
Gender Male
Type Unknown
Status Living
Comments His species was unknown, despite his relationship to Dimitri Skontos, who was Gus' nephew. The species of Dimitri's mother (Gus's sister) was also unknown.


Actor John Dewar Sauly1
Gender Male
Type Mauzhertz
Status Living
Comments He was a patron at the bar Monroe visited to get 'tickets' to see the Löwen Games. Sauly apparently swindled Monroe, as Monroe's captors said Sauly led them to a Blutbad. He seemed to have a tie to the Löwens as a recruiting agent. He likely worked for Leo and Clement.


Actor Garland Lyons Priest (Last Grimm Standing)
Gender Male
Type Unknown
Status Living
Comments Renard met with him in a confessional, but he was really there to tell him that he had a Wesen who needed killing. The priest accompanied Renard to Leo Taymor's house and attacked Taymor. When he attacked Taymor, he made growling sounds, kept his face close to Leo, and moved his arms violently as though he was ripping Leo open.

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