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Notables: Sean Renard
Dead Martin Meisner
Dead Kelly Burkhardt
Dead Sebastien
Ian Harmon
Dead Freddy Calvert
Hans Tavitian
Claude Frenay
Dead Constantine Breslau
Dead Quinn
Dead Reginald
Dead Laszlo Dietrich

The Laufer (LOW-fər; Ger. Läufer "runner"), or Resistance, is a movement of mostly Wesen who oppose the Verrat. Like the Gegengewicht, they are also opposed to the rule of the Royal Families.


The Black HandEdit

Black Hand seal

Led by Danilo Ilić, who was some sort of weasel-like Wesen, a Serbian group of rebels known as the Black Hand was responsible for the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. They used a Browning .32 ACP cartridge to kill him. This led to both World War I and the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, since the Austro-Hungarians had no Grimm at their disposal at the time.

World War IIEdit

It's unknown when the Laufer was first founded, but the Grimms first became aware of them during the Second World War, when the Verrat infiltrated the Spanish army and monarchy during Franco's regime and began mass executions of Wesen suspected of being in the organization.



Tavitian, one of the leaders of the Laufer

The Laufer are also hostile to the Grimms due to the latter's tendency to work as mercenaries for the Seven Royal Houses and the Verrat, under the belief that they share the same goal of enforcing order among the Wesen. The members are unaware of the fact that the Grimms and the Verrat are only allies by convenience.

Many North-American Wesen consider the Laufer (and their war with the Verrat) to be a distant problem, and thus not their concern, but Laufer-cells (and Verrat-agents) have become more active in the United States. At least one cell in Portland, Oregon was running an underground railroad to help wanted Wesen escape the Verrat.

It's also unknown how the Laufer is organized, but it has multiple leaders, including Ian Harmon and Tavitian. The Laufer is composed of different groups and factions that have formed alliances between each other in the face of a common enemy: the Royal Families. ("Stories We Tell Our Young")

Fuchsbau have traditionally been members of the Resistance, although Lausenschlange and Mauzhertz are also known ("Cat and Mouse") as well as Löwen. Humans are also known to be members. ("Cold Blooded") The overall composition of the Laufer is unknown.

In "Face Off" Sean Renard declared himself a co-belligerent of the Laufer out of necessity.

Later on, in "Stories We Tell Our Young", Renard flies over to Vienna to meet up with Meisner before heading to a meeting between various faction leaders of the Laufer. Along the way, they are attacked by the Verrat at what was supposed to be a secure safe house, but they were able to escape.

In "Cold Blooded", Sean and Meisner talk with Sebastien and realize that Constantine Breslau, the man who set up the safe house, compromised their location. Later the trio met up with Claude Frenay as he finished interrogating Breslau. Later, after Breslau's execution, they began a meeting with a few other members of the Resistance.

In "Twelve Days of Krampus", the meeting starts after Tavitian arrives. While many Laufer members disapproved of Renard due to his heritage as a member of the Royal Families, he convinces them to tolerate his presence as his mixed heritage as a Royal and a Wesen means he can understand and have access to people they never could. In addition, he points out that he also has a Grimm. After no one contradicts him, he decides to leave the meeting as their location is no longer safe.

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