This page lists characters, including Wesen, who appear only in "Leave It to Beavers"


Actor Eric Newsome 119-Sammy
119-Sammy woged
Gender Male
Type Hässlich
Status Living
Comments Sammy was a Hässlich working alongside Herman Nimerfro for Sal Butrell.

Herman Nimerfro

Actor Bruce Blanchard 119-Herman Nimerfro
119-Herman Nimerfro woged
Gender Male
Type Hässlich
Status Living
Comments Herman Nimerfro was a Hässlich employed by Sal Butrell. Herman was involved in Sal's conspiracy against Nick Burkhardt.


Actor David Loftus Yannick
Gender Male
Type Hässlich (probable)
Status Living
Comments Yannick is a Reaper leader of sorts, and he dispatches Reapers, sending them on assignments to hunt down and kill Grimms. He was sent the two heads of Junkers and Reaper in an ice box after he sent those two to Portland to kill Nick.


Actor Chino Binamo Junkers
Gender Male
Type Hässlich
Status Deceased
Comments Junkers was sent by Yannick, along with Reaper, to behead Nick. In a fight that ensued with Nick, Junkers was accidentally beheaded by Reaper with a scythe when Nick ducked Reaper's attack.

Diana Massey

Actor Marissa Price 119 Diana Massey
Gender Female
Type Eisbiber (likely)
Status Living
Comments She worked in the Grosszahn Construction building as Robert Grosszahn's secretary. When Nick and Hank interrogated her, she said that she had no knowledge of his 9 o'clock appointment or what the initials S.B. stood for. She did say that Robert had been arguing with Mr. Butrell and the planning company, which led to Nick and Hank following up on that lead.

Parliamentary Officer 1

Actor Lester B. Hanson 119 Parliamentary Officer
Gender Male
Type Eisbiber
Status Living
Comments He presided at the meeting at the Eisbiber lodge, where the Eisbiber community discussed whether or not Arnold should step forward as a witness to Robert Grosszahn's murder.

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