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Lena Marcinko


111-Spinnetod with victim 2

Actor: Amy Acker
Gender: Female
Type: Spinnetod
Relationships: Robert Marcinko, husband
Sally Marcinko, daughter
Status: Living
TV Show: "Tarantella"

Lena Marcinko is a Spinnetod who appeared in "Tarantella".

Her body chemistry required her to kill and feed on three young men every five years to keep from rapidly aging. She was known to have killed ten years ago in Albuquerque, New Mexico and five years ago in Phoenix, Arizona. She killed and fed on Ryan Showalter and Anton Mengers in Portland. She was preparing to kill Aaron when Nick Burkhardt and Hank Griffin intervened and captured her.

Because she did not achieve her third kill, she began to age as she sat in her jail cell.

Lena did not seem to enjoy killing the men as she appeared distressed and shaken before and after she would search for someone to help her maintain her beauty.


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