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119-The Lodge
Location: Portland, Oregon
Regulars: Eisbibers
Bud Wurstner
John Oblinger
Arnold Rosarot
Jerry Baxter
Nora Grosszahn
Others: Nick Burkhardt
Dead Reaper
Dead Junkers

The Lodge is the chief meeting spot for Eisbibers in Portland to discuss significant issues affecting the Eisbiber population. It is located at an old power plant at the Bull Run dam. When formal meetings are held at the lodge, anyone who wishes to speak is heard, and when everyone has spoken, the issue at hand is voted on democratically. At major or more formal meetings, one or more parliamentary officers are present. Emergency lodge meetings can be held as well, as Eisbibers in the community are able to get the word around quickly in such instances.

The lodge also serves as a safe zone for Eisbibers; in times of danger or when there is a need for an Eisbiber to go into hiding, they can often seek refuge there.


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