This page lists characters, including Wesen, who appear only in "Love Sick"

Anton Krug

Actor Basil Harris 117-Renard cousin
Gender Male
Type Human
Status Deceased
Comments Anton Krug was Sean Renard's cousin. He was an Austrian Royal. He had his bodyguard, Thomas Woolsey, bring Renard to him. Anton told Renard that he needed to get the key from the Grimm, or else Anton would capture the Grimm with force. He was shot and killed by Renard because Renard had his own agenda and didn't want to follow orders.

Thomas Woolsey

Actor Marti Matulis 117-co-star
Gender Male
Type Human
Status Deceased
Comments Thomas Woolsey was Anton Krug's bodyguard. Renard knew him as an old friend. Woolsey grabbed Renard's gun and told him to drive to meet up with his cousin Anton. After Renard took Woolsey's gun out of his hands, Renard shot him dead.


Actor Kristi Evans 117-doctor
Gender Female
Type Human
Status Living
Comments The Doctor informed Nick on Wu's condition when he was in the hospital. She also showed Nick the tray containing all the stuff Wu had eaten. She told Nick that Wu would be released the next day, just staying one night.

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