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Lycanthropia (Disease)
514-The Lycanthropia begins
Victims: Dead Eliza Baske
Drew Wu
Location: Portland, Oregon

Lycanthropia is the result of a rare genetic mutation in Blutbaden. They are the basis for the werewolf myth. Lycanthropes are driven temporarily insane during the three nights of the full moon each month and are, as Hank described them, "Like a Blutbad on steroids." Not a lot of research has been done on Lycanthropia, but it is known that it is a recessive trait that is transmitted to Blutbaden offspring, originally caused by a viral infection. There is no known cure. ("Lycanthropia") ("The Taming of the Wu")

Because Blutbaden families traditionally dealt with the situation by killing any offspring who started developing symptoms of the disease, Monroe thought Lycanthropia had been eradicated about a century ago. Specifically, Blutbaden families killed their afflicted offspring by burying them alive. If not preventatively chained, Lycanthropes will attack everything that crosses their paths when the disease physically manifests itself, even their own family. Lycanthropes also have a unique scent all unto themselves that is similar to the scent of a Blutbad.

The virus causing Lycanthropia can be transmitted to humans through a scratch or a bite. When Wu was infected, he exhibited night sweats during the full moon, and in the weeks that followed, blurry vision, headaches, and body aches. His condition eventually progressed to the point that when he entered a heightened emotional state, his primal side emerged and he physically transformed into a Neanderthal-like creature. Initially during this state, he had no control whatsoever and blacked out, not remembering what he did while in his primal form. However, after taking Revocare Tenebris, he was able to recall what he did and, determined to deal with his situation, he learned to control his emotions and become self-aware while in his primal state. Unlike a traditional Lycanthrope, Wu was able to restrain himself from hurting someone he knew in Hank and revert to his human form. In his transformed state, Wu gains enhanced strength, able to rip a person's throat out with his bare hands. ("The Taming of the Wu") ("Bad Night") ("The Beginning of the End")

Excerpt from a spice shop bookEdit

Lycanthropia is a genetic mutation which presents itself on rare occasion in Blutbaden. It's transmitted as a recessive trait which rarely affects the offspring. When Lycanthropia manifests physically, it's only during the three nights of the full moon.

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Season 5 Blu-ray Grimm Guide ProfileEdit

Lycanthropia is a genetic mutation which presents itself in Blutbaden. It's transmitted as a recessive trait, which rarely affects the offspring. The condition turns the infected Blutbad temporarily insane during the three nights of the full moon. In the past, Blutbad families would kill infected children if they developed symptoms.


  • From Ancient Greek lykánthrōpos wolf-man, made up of lýk (os) wolf + ánthrōpos man.



Grimm - Creature Profile Lycanthrope (Digital Exclusive)01:06

Grimm - Creature Profile Lycanthrope (Digital Exclusive)

Grimm - Creature Profile Primal Wu (Digital Exclusive)01:21

Grimm - Creature Profile Primal Wu (Digital Exclusive)

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