Opening Quote: "After three days and nights, whoever tries and does not succeed shall be put to death." – The Twelve Dancing Princesses

Scene: Nick and Adalind try to get Kelly to stop crying.

Adalind: I fed you. I changed you. I burped you. Why are you doing this? What's wrong? Is the water boiling? If it's boiling, you got to put the rice in and then turn it down.
Nick: The rice is in. How do we turn the baby down?
Adalind: Oh, you try. Let me deal with the rice. It's okay, Kelly. It's okay. [She hands Kelly to Nick]
Nick: Shh. Nothing can be that bad. Maybe he has colic. How do you know if he has colic?
Adalind: I don't know. I'm still learning to boil rice. Should we call Rosalee?
Nick: Okay, then you take Kelly.
Adalind: Aha. Never mind. I'll call her.
[The scene shifts to Monroe and Rosalee preparing for dinner]
Monroe: Hear the cello counterpoint?
Rosalee: I hear the cello. Whether it's counterpointing or not, I couldn't tell you.
Monroe: Oh, best part of the day. More wine?
Rosalee: Absolutely.
[The phone rings just before Monroe pours wine for Rosalee]
Monroe: [He grabs the phone and hands it to Rosalee] I don't want to know.
Rosalee: [She answers] Adalind? Is everything okay?
Adalind: We've tried everything. He's been bathed, changed, burped, pooped, and he won't stop crying. How do we know if it's colic?
Rosalee: Pretty much if he won't stop crying.
Adalind: Okay, then what do we do about it?
Rosalee: Fennel sometimes helps. Nothing works all the time.
Adalind: I don't care about all the time. I just care about right now. Hey.
[Kelly stops crying]
Adalind: What just happened? He's looking at the lights on the phone.
Nick: Oh, the rice is boiling over.
Adalind: Oh, sorry, Rosalee. Got to go. [She hangs up]
Rosalee: Okay.
Monroe: That solved itself.
[The scene shifts back to Nick and Adalind]
Nick: Huh? You like the phone, don't you, buddy? I think we should get him his own phone.
Adalind: [She sighs] Not till second grade.

Scene: Daniel Troyer speaks to Isaac Proctor, Eli Kemper, and Amos.

Troyer: Tradition is our lifeblood. Loyalty, trust, and honor-without these virtues, family cannot survive. But it is our traditions that hold us together, and no tradition is more important than our Maagd Zoektocht. My son's blood calls to me from the grave. He was taken from me. And when a man does not have a son to inherit to his legacy, he must turn to tradition. My daughter Emily is all I have left. Our Maagd Zoektocht requires one of you to prove your worthiness to win her heart and her hand. Let the griffin choose.
[Emily picks up a golden griffin dish containing feathers and brings it to each of the three men as they woge into Weten Ogen so they can draw a feather. After they all have a feather, they retract]
Troyer: Isaac has drawn the longest feather. He will have the first chance to prove himself.
Isaac: What is my quest?
Troyer: To kill the man responsible for my son's death. Bring me the head of Frankie Adkins.
Isaac: I will. [He walks over to Emily] Emily? I've loved you for years. Now I finally get to prove it. You'll make a beautiful bride. [He kisses Emily on the cheek and leaves]

Scene: Nick and Adalind eat dinner.

Nick: This is good.
Adalind: Really? I haven't done much cooking. My mom wasn't always around, so I kind of taught myself. A kid can only eat so much pizza.
Nick: I know plenty of kids who would disagree.
Adalind: This is good. Bet your mom was a good cook.
Nick: Until I was about 12, and then she sort of disappeared.
Adalind: That's kind of like my dad. He took off when I was four. Look, I know our arrangement is weird, and I've said this before, but I really appreciate you taking care of us.
Nick: He's my son too.
Adalind: I know, but I don't like having to rely on you. Not just you. I don't like having to rely on anybody. You've been great, but... I ran into an old colleague at the grocery store.
Nick: From your law firm?
Adalind: Mm-hmm. He said they're understaffed. There's a possibility of a job.
Nick: Isn't it a little soon to go back to work?
Adalind: Yeah, it is. It just... made me feel better knowing that there was a job out there. I need to contribute, Nick. I don't like feeling so helpless. That being said, I'd like you to stay with us in our room again tonight. It's just I sleep a lot better knowing that you'll kill whatever walks through that door.

Scene: Isaac goes into Frankie Adkins' bar.

Frankie: Here you go, birthday girl. Happy Birthday.
Woman: Frankie's the best, right?
Frankie: [He goes over to Lola and kisses her] Let's get out of here. [They go out the back of the club. To Luis] Go get the car.
Lola: Can we go somewhere and get burgers?
Frankie: No.
Lola: Why not?
Frankie: 'Cause you're putting on too much weight.
Lola: What?
[As Luis is about to get into the hummer, he is knocked out by Isaac. Isaac waits for Frankie and Lola to walk out, and then he sucker-punches Frankie from behind]
Lola: [She screams] Frankie, oh, my God!
Frankie: What the hell? Who are you?
[Lola runs away screaming as Isaac pulls out a sword]
Frankie: No!
[Just before Isaac kills Frankie, he is attacked and killed by a Weten Ogen as Frankie watches in horror from underneath his hummer]

Scene: Renard meets with Andrew Dixon and Jeremiah Rogers.

Jeremiah: Sean. [He and Renard shake hands] Thank you so much for coming.
Renard: Of course.
Dixon: [He and Renard shake hands] It's good to see you.
Renard: It's been a while.
Dixon: Yes, it has.
Renard: Although I've seen your face all over the news recently.
Dixon: Well, hopefully you'll see more of it. [He chuckles]
Jeremiah: We wanted to ask you-well, we think the time is right for Andrew. He's gonna announce that he's running for mayor of Portland.
Renard: With sights on the governorship, of course.
Dixon: One election at a time.
[Everyone laughs]
Renard: He's becoming quite a force to be reckoned with.
Dixon: It's good to hear you say that. I'd really like your support.
Renard: You really think I mean something?
Jeremiah: You're a widely respected figure of authority here in Portland. We think you could do us a lot of good.
Renard: Listen, before I agree to anything, I need to know a little bit more about what you plan to do if—
Jeremiah: Ah, ah. "When."
Renard: If you get elected.
Dixon: Well, nobody gets elected without confidence or the right people backing him.

Scene: Nick and Hank meet Wu at the scene of Isaac's body.

Wu: Assault happened sometime after they closed, a little after 2:00. Bodyguard Luis Lopez was hit first. Frankie Adkins, he's the owner of the bar. He was hit next. We ID'd the body as Isaac Proctor.
Hank: Proctor? Name's familiar.
Wu: Isaac is the son of criminal defense attorney Amanda Proctor.
Hank: I dealt with her. She's kept a lot of bad people on the street.
Nick: So someone kills her son. Is someone trying to send a message?
Wu: If they are, it's a pretty brutal candygram.
Hank: Sword. It's pretty old-school.
Nick: Any witnesses?
Wu: Yeah, Frankie Adkins and his girlfriend, Lola. She took off after he was hit. Paramedics took care of Frankie, who told them he was attacked by Isaac.
Hank: Our victim.
Nick: So Frankie killed Isaac?
Wu: Nope. According to Frankie, Isaac was killed by a guy wearing a weird-looking animal outfit. I didn't press him. I leave the pressing to you.
Hank: Where's the girlfriend now?
Wu: At home. She was too scared to stick around. She made the 911 call from a burger joint down the street.
Hank: Well, let's talk to Frankie.
Wu: Inside.
Hank: Thank you. [He and Nick go inside the bar] Frank Adkins?
Frankie: Yeah.
Hank: I'm Detective Griffin. This is Detective Burkhardt. You want to tell us what happened?
Frankie: Yeah, I do. I was leaving with Luis and Lola. Luis goes to get the car. Me and Lola are just getting in. Then some guy sucker-punches me. I go down. When I look up, he's got a freaking sword about to cut my head off.
Hank: Had you ever seen him before?
Frankie: No, and just when I thought I was dead, he gets taken out by some guy wearing some kind of animal costume.
Hank: What did you do then?
Frankie: You kidding me? I hid under the car. The guy was tearing him to pieces.
Nick: How long did you stay there?
Frankie: Till the cops came. I'm not stupid. It was like a nightmare. I mean, I never seen anything like this before. I don't know what was going on, but whoever killed that son of a bitch, he saved my life.
Hank: The guy in the animal costume?
Frankie: Yeah, him. I owe him big-time.

Scene: Nick and Hank do background checks on Isaac and Frankie at the precinct.

Hank: Isaac Proctor was arrested five years ago for aggravated assaults and some misdemeanors too.
Nick: Frankie's no choir boy either.
Hank: What is the connection between Isaac and Frankie?
Nick: There's none that I can see.
Hank: Hey, what about the bodyguard?
Nick: Well, he's got a rap sheet, but he was unconscious at the time Isaac was killed. Plus, it would've been self-defense either way.
Hank: All right, so why was Isaac trying to kill Frankie?
Nick: Frankie must've done something to Isaac. Maybe Isaac's mother would know.
Hank: A criminal defense attorney probably knows what the problem is.
Nick: Yeah, I think the Captain knows her.
Hank: Well, let's run it past him.

Scene: Nick and Hank go talk to Renard.

Nick: If Frankie's telling the truth, someone else was there when Isaac knocked him down, and that person took out Isaac.
Renard: Frankie described this mystery man as wearing an animal outfit.
Hank: We're assuming that guy was Wesen.
Renard: Isaac Proctor is too. I know his mother, Amanda. She's a good lawyer but keeps bad company. They're Weten Ogen. Not my favorite.
Nick: So Isaac is Wesen. Whoever killed him is Wesen. What about Frankie?
Renard: I don't know. Have you told Amanda Proctor yet?
Nick: We wanted to do background first. I should go with you on this one.

Scene: Adalind tells Kelly about Diana.

Adalind: You know, Kelly, you're not an only child.
[Kelly coos]
Adalind: You have a big sister. Her name's Diana. I hope we can all be together someday. I haven't seen her in a really long time. [The phone rings and she answers] Rosalee?
Rosalee: Just checking in. How's Kelly?
Adalind: Oh, he's good... when he's sleeping.
Rosalee: I put together a few things for you and the little guy. I can come by and drop them off if you're not busy.
Adalind: Oh, no, no, no. We should come to you.
Rosalee: Are you sure?
Adalind: Yeah. I think I'm getting a little fortress fever.
Rosalee: Okay. I'm just here at the shop.
Adalind: Okay, we are on our way.

Scene: Troyer talks with Eli and Amos about Isaac's death.

Troyer: Isaac was a good boy. He believed in the tradition, and he will be mourned, but his mistake is your opportunity. [He hands Eli and Amos drinks] Isaac almost succeeded at his task but failed at the last moment, when he was attacked. Now, I don't know which one of you did it, but if I were you, I would not turn my back on the other. Eli, it's your turn now, but Frankie Adkins knows someone is trying to kill him, and it's going to make it that much harder on you. Good luck. But first we drink to Isaac, a brave and noble Weten Ogen.
Eli and Amos: To a brave and noble Weten Ogen.
Troyer: Who should've watched his back.
[Eli and Isaac both leave the house]
Amos: [He gets into his car and points at Eli] You. [He drives away]
Emily: Eli.
Eli: Emily.
Emily: You don't have to do this. This tradition isn't worth it.
Eli: Maybe not, but you are.
Emily: Isaac was killed.
Eli: What happened to Isaac's not gonna happen to me. I've got a way in.
Emily: How can you be sure unless you killed Isaac?
Eli: I didn't kill Isaac, but I knew he wouldn't be able to kill Frankie. If Amos gets in my way, I will kill him.
Emily: Please don't do this. Don't go back to the club.
Eli: I'm not gonna make the same mistake as Isaac.
Emily: He'll have more bodyguards.
Eli: Shh. Don't worry, babe. This is our time. You and me, we're gonna bring two great families together, and you and me are gonna make a big family. Lots of kids. You just worry about how to raise them, okay? [He kisses Emily on the cheek] I'll be fine. I'll see you later. [He gets into his car]

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Renard go talk to Amanda Proctor.

Renard: Do you have any idea why your son would try to kill Frankie Adkins?
Amanda: No. As far as I know, he didn't even know him.
Nick: We know Isaac had a record.
Amanda: I know my son had problems, but I just can't believe that he'd do what you're suggesting.
Hank: Did Isaac associate with anyone who might've had it out for Frankie?
Amanda: My son's the one who's dead. Shouldn't you be asking who killed him?
Renard: Amanda, if you want us to find the person responsible for your son's death, then you need to talk to us.
Amanda: How do you know Frankie didn't kill my son? Frankie has a record too.
Nick: We know Frankie isn't Wesen.
Amanda: What?
Renard: Detective Burkhardt is a Grimm.
Amanda: And you brought him into my office?
Renard: He knows that Isaac was Wesen.
Amanda: [She woges into a Weten Ogen] Is this what you wanted to see, Grimm?
Nick: I'm trying to figure out who killed your son.
Amanda: [She retracts] You know, I knew you had one working for you. I just hoped that I'd never have to see him.
Hank: We think whoever killed your son might also be Wesen.
Renard: Do you know where your son was before he went to Frankie's club?
Amanda: He was invited to Daniel Troyer's house-I would assume for dinner.
Nick: Is Daniel Troyer Wesen?
Amanda: Weten Ogen, like me.
[Nick, Hank, and Renard talk after leaving Amanda's office]
Hank: What do we know about Daniel Troyer?
Renard: He's been in Portland for quite a while. I know he was investigated by the FBI. He has some connections to a few crime families on the east coast.
Hank: Well, Isaac tried to kill Frankie the same night he was at Troyer's house.
Nick: Maybe Frankie's connected to Troyer.
Renard: Push Troyer. See what you get.

Scene: Rosalee goes through the mail at the spice shop.

Rosalee: Electric bill, telephone bill, advertising. Oh, we won a million dollars. [She rips the envelope in half] Yippee.
Monroe: All right, I got to get to this repair. I'm gonna be late. It should only take about an hour. What is that?
Rosalee: I'm not sure. It's from a guy I used to know a long time ago in Seattle.
Monroe: You want to open it?
Rosalee: I'm not sure.
Monroe: You want me to open it?
Rosalee: I'm not sure. [She opens the envelope]
Monroe: You know what? Maybe I shouldn't hear this.
Rosalee: There's nothing you shouldn't hear. "Dear R, don't know if you're ever going to get this, but I'm gonna try anyway. Just want to let you know that Carlos died. You can guess of what. He was a cool guy, and I'm going to miss him. Don't know what your feeling is about him these days, but he meant a lot to you at one time. I still remember that song he wrote for you."
Monroe: There was a song?
Rosalee: I don't want to read any more of that. Those were not good guys, and that song was terrible. I'd rather just forget that entire part of my life.
Monroe: Me too. Not your life. I mean that part of mine. In fact, everything before I met you. [He and Rosalee grab each other's hands]

Scene: Nick and Hank arrive at Troyer's house.

Hank: Before we talk to Troyer, are you gonna play the Wesen card?
Nick: Not unless I have to.
Hank: Once he knows we know, we might not be able to get anything out of him. Might not get anything out of him anyway.
Nick: [He knocks and Emily answers the door] I'm Detective Burkhardt. This is Detective Griffin. We're looking for Daniel Troyer.
Emily: I'm his daughter, Emily. He's in the backyard. Can you tell me what this is about?
Hank: We'd prefer to talk to your father.
Emily: Of course. I'll take you to him. [She takes Nick and Hank to the backyard]
Troyer: [On the phone] Check the inventory again and find out who was responsible for shipping it. Get the name.
Emily: Dad, this is Detective Burkhardt and Griffin. They need to talk to you.
Troyer: I've got to go. [He hangs up] Is there a problem, gentlemen?
Hank: Do you know Isaac Proctor?
Troyer: Yes, I heard what happened to him. It's very sad. I assume you're investigating it.
Nick: We would like to talk to you about your relationship with Isaac.
Troyer: I've known Isaac since he was a kid. His mother has handled some legal problems for me. Isaac and Emily used to play together.
Hank: When was the last time you saw him?
Troyer: Last night.
Emily: He was here with us.
Nick: For what reason?
Emily: He came to see me.
Hank: What was your relationship with him?
Emily: He was a friend. Like my dad said, we'd known each other since we were kids. [She starts to choke up] I'm sorry.
Troyer: Look, this is very difficult for her. Does she have to be a part of this?
Nick: You knew the victim. Might be a help to us.
Emily: I'm okay.
Nick: Do you know Frankie Adkins?
Troyer: Frankie Adkins? I don't know. Should I?
Hank: According to Mr. Adkins, Isaac tried to kill him last night.
Troyer: What? Isaac? I don't believe it. Why would he do that?
Hank: Do you know if Isaac knew Frankie Adkins?
Troyer: No, I don't.
Hank: Do you?
Emily: No, I'm sorry. I don't know.
Nick: What time did Isaac leave last night?
Emily: Around 11:00, I think.
Nick: And has anyone threatened him in any way?
Emily: Not that he ever told me about.
Hank: Did both of you stay home after Isaac left?
Troyer: Yes.
Hank: Was anyone else here besides the three of you?
Emily: No. It was just Isaac and us.
[Nick and Hank leave the house]
Hank: Nobody knows anything.
Nick: This is all connected somehow.
Hank: Yeah. Why would Isaac leave here and go and try and kill Frankie?
Nick: Maybe Frankie and Isaac are both in love with Emily.
Hank: It could be they were jealous.
Nick: Well, then who killed Isaac?
Hank: All we know is, he's Wesen.
Nick: [His phone rings] That's not gonna show up on his rap sheet. It's Wu. [His phone rings again as he gets into the car and he answers] Wu.
Wu: You will never guess what the M.E. found during Isaac's autopsy. A feather-and not just any old feather. It's a golden feather. M.E. didn't think it had anything to do with anything 'cause the victim wasn't hurt by it, as in knocked over by a feather, but not having spent time in a mental institution, the M.E. does not have the insight that I now have.
Hank: What do you think it means, Wu?
Wu: I have no idea, except you got a grown man walking around with a golden feather in his pocket. Just thought you should know.
Nick: Thank you. [He hangs up] What do you think it means?
Hank: I think we're grasping at feathers. I said it, and I meant it.

Scene: Frankie is notified that his new bodyguards have arrived.

Luis: [He knocks] Got the new guy's boss.
Frankie: Bring 'em in.
Luis: Get in here.
[Eli and another man walk into Frankie's office]
Frankie: Someone tried to whack me last night. As you can see, they weren't very successful, but I am not one to take unnecessary risks. Are you willing to die to protect me?
Man: Yes, sir.
Frankie: You?
Eli: Nobody's gonna get past me, sir.

Scene: Nick walks around holding Trubel's chess piece.

Nick: Where the hell are you?
Adalind: [She walks into the room] He's asleep. How's work? Wow, sound so domestic.
Nick: Work was—
Adalind: You don't have to tell me.
Nick: He told me to keep Chavez's phone, but he hasn't called. Why tell me to keep the phone if they're not gonna use it?
Adalind: Hope Trubel's okay.
Nick: Yeah, me too.

Scene: Frankie gets ready to head home from the club.

Frankie: All right, make sure that gets there tonight.
Man: Yes, sir.
Frankie: I don't want anything to screw up this deal. [To Eli] We're out of here. Get the car. Check the back.
Luis: You're not gonna lock up?
Frankie: No, I'm not gonna lock up. Somebody else is gonna lock up. Now get the guys.
Luis: Boss is leaving.
Frankie: Make sure everyone's watching my back. [He and Luis walk through the club and go out the front door where his car is waiting]

Scene: Nick explores the tunnel underneath the loft.

[Nick comes across a door and tries to open it, but it's locked, so he decides to go back up]
Adalind: Oh.
Nick: You need the bathroom?
Adalind: That's okay. I can wait.
Nick: No, you go first.
Adalind: Are you sure? 'Cause you look a little dirty.
Nick: Yeah, well, you look-wow. Did Kelly throw up on you?
Adalind: Sort of. I'll be quick. [She goes into the bathroom] That tunnel must be filthy.
Nick: Yeah.
Adalind: Did you find out where it goes?
Nick: Not exactly. There was this big door. Looks like it hasn't been opened in 100 years. I'm gonna need some tools to get it open.
Adalind: Oh, I just realized I forgot to bring clothes to change into.
Nick: Oh, yeah? Well, I can get you something. What do you need?
Adalind: Anything without baby puke will be fine.
Nick: [He goes to Adalind's room] Hey, buddy. Just so you know, not nice to throw up on your mom. [He looks in Adalind's drawers and then goes to his room before returning to outside the bathroom door. He knocks]
[Adalind opens the door]
Nick: There wasn't much to choose from, so I just got you one of my shirts.
Adalind: Thanks. [She goes back into the bathroom]
Nick: You know, you should really buy some clothes. Use the credit card that I got you.
Adalind: Oh, I feel a little awkward doing that.
Nick: Yeah, well, not having clothes is awkward.
Adalind: True. Okay. [She comes out of the bathroom] Thank you. Your turn. [She walks away]
[Nick goes into the bathroom to start cleaning up and notices Adalind's bra hanging up]

Scene: Frankie arrives home with his bodyguards.

Frankie: Put the car away and stay outside.
[Eli watches from the backseat as Frankie and the other guards go inside]
Frankie: I'm hungry, Luis. Make me a sandwich. [He goes to his room and takes some pills]
[As a guard walks by, Eli knocks him out and goes to the kitchen]
Luis: Boss got hungry. Get me some pickles.
Eli: Sure. [He opens the fridge door but turns around and knocks Luis out. He then brings sandwiches to Frankie]
Frankie: [With his back turned] I'm racking my brains, Luis. Who put a hit on me? The Chinese Crew? 11th Street? [He turns around] Where's Luis?
Eli: He said you were hungry and you wanted sandwiches.
Frankie: Just put the sandwiches down. Go get Luis, and get your ass back outside.
[Eli puts the sandwiches down and punches Frankie]
Frankie: What the hell? No!
[Eli is about to hit Frankie with an axe, but he's attacked by a Weten Ogen]
Frankie: Oh, my God, not again. [He goes under his bed]
[Eli tries to fight back, but he is killed as Frankie watches]

Scene: Nick and Hank meet Wu at Frankie's house.

Wu: Someone tried to kill Frankie Adkins again and with the same good luck as the first assassin.
Hank: So whoever tried to kill Frankie here at home is our new victim?
Wu: A little déjà Wu going on. Except for this time, it was his new bodyguard.
Nick: His own bodyguard tried to kill him?
Wu: That's what he says.
Hank: Who killed the bodyguard?
Wu: The same guy in an animal outfit. Let me just say that Frankie is starting to unravel. Paramedics gave him something to calm him down. I think he might've done a little self-medicating before that.
Frankie: Hey, what took you guys so long? The same thing happened again last night... except different. The guy was my bodyguard, and he tried to kill me with an axe. What's with the swords and axes? Why don't these morons realize you can buy a gun literally anywhere?
Hank: But someone saved your life again.
Frankie: Oh, no, not someone. This freak who dresses like an animal.
Nick: The same one as before?
Frankie: Oh, yeah. You don't forget something like this. Sharp teeth. Yellow eyes. Pointed ears. A lot of hair with stripes in it.
Hank: What happens once this animal saves your life? Does he say anything?
Frankie: No. Nothing, just kills and leaves.
Nick: Now, can you think of anyone in particular who would want to save your life?
Frankie: [He scoffs] No. No, plenty of the opposite.
Hank: Like who?
Frankie: If I knew that, I'd take care of them myself. I don't mean in an unlawful manner.
Hank: Well, if you can think of any names...
Frankie: Those yellow eyes. I know they're not real. It's just a mask.
Wu: Yep, just a mask. [He takes Nick and Hank to Eli's body] The victim is Eli Kemper, as in union boss Lionel Kemper's son.
Hank: The same MO as Isaac.
Nick: Troyer was connected to Isaac. Maybe Eli was too.
Hank: Troyer's import-export. More than likely, he knows a union boss. [He chuckles as he takes a feather from Eli's pocket] Axes, swords, and golden feathers. Anyone else think this is getting a little mythological?
Nick: Maybe Wu was right.

Scene: Nick and Hank go talk with Monroe and Rosalee at the spice shop.

Monroe: Each victim had a golden feather, and one is bigger than the other.
Nick: And the intended victim, Frankie, described the killer of his would-be killers as having sharp teeth, yellow eyes, pointed ears, and lots of hair with stripes on it.
Monroe: Okay, that's—
Rosalee: Weten Ogen.
Monroe: Yeah.
Hank: We think so.
Nick: And we met one yesterday, the mother of one of the victims.
Monroe: Wait a minute; you're saying that the killer and the victim are both Weten Ogen?
Rosalee: You could be dealing with the Maagd Zoektocht. Oh, that is an ancient Weten Ogen tradition. I'm talking from the millennium before the millennium.
Monroe: You know how knights would slay dragons to win the princess? It's that.
Rosalee: Basically a maiden quest.
Hank: Maiden quest? Like, to win the bride?
Rosalee: It's a way to facilitate arranged marriages. I think three Weten Ogen bachelors, right, are sent out to complete the quest to prove themselves worthy for the hand of the fair maiden and her dowry.
Monroe: But what's weird here is, the quest doesn't normally end with the participant's death, not to say that procuring a dragon's tooth didn't have an abnormally high casualty rate, but still.
Rosalee: Maybe since these Weten Ogen have criminal ties, the stakes have been raised.
Monroe: As in the goal for this quest is-what's his name? Frankie's head. I mean, they're using axes and swords, right?
Rosalee: Bringing in the head of the enemy, that's a pretty standard challenge.
Nick: So Isaac and Eli were opponents in this quest.
Monroe: So then who's the beautiful maiden?
Hank: That would be Troyer's daughter.
Rosalee: Then Troyer must be Weten Ogen, as are all the suitors.
Nick: We know Troyer is one.
Monroe: You know what? Find the third competitor, and that's probably your murderer, because they—
Rosalee: You should find him quickly, though, because this quest won't end until Frankie's head is delivered.
Monroe: Yeah, and don't expect Troyer to just, you know, tell you who it is.
Rosalee: But he does have to bless the third competitor, who will also have that third golden feather.
Nick: Yeah, we're gonna keep an eye on Troyer.
Hank: All right, thanks. [He and Nick leave]
Monroe: Wow, Weten Ogen.
Rosalee: Honey, would you slay a dragon for me?
Monroe: Oh, my God, a flock of them. Or whatever you call a great gathering of dragons.
Rosalee: My knight in shining—
Monroe: But I don't do armor. I got a nickel allergy.
[Rosalee laughs]

Scene: Troyer talks with Amos.

Troyer: I honestly did not think you had it in you.
Amos: Excuse me?
Troyer: With both Isaac and Eli out of your way, you have no competition.
Amos: Eli's dead?
Troyer: We drink to his honor. [He clinks his glass with Amos'] He tried. [He drinks]
Amos: I didn't do it.
Troyer: Of course you didn't.
Amos: No, Mr. Troyer. I swear to you I had nothing to do with it.
Troyer: Amos, you've proven you're cunning, but you still must complete your quest.
Amos: I don't even want to be here. My-my mother made do this. I don't want Emily. I-I'm gay.
Troyer: No one backs out of the Maagd Zoektocht. Now, you bring me the head of Frankie Adkins, or I'll kill you myself. That son of a bitch killed my son.
[Amos drinks his drink]

Scene: Nick and Hank wait near Troyer's house and watch as Amos drives away.

Hank: [On a walkie talkie] Suspect just left. Take him down.
Officer: Roger that.
[Amos is pulled over]
Wu: Exit the vehicle!
Amos: [He gets out of his car] What is this about?
Wu: Hands where I can see them!
Amos: I swear to you I haven't done anything!
Wu: Hands up!
[Nick finds the feather in Amos' pocket]
Amos: That's nothing. That's just a feather.

Scene: Amos is interrogated at the precinct.

Hank: How well did you know Isaac Proctor? [He shows Amos a picture of Isaac's body]
Amos: I didn't know him.
Hank: What about Eli Kemper? [He shows Amos a picture of Eli's body]
Amos: No.
Hank: How do you know Troyer?
Amos: He's a friend of my father's.
Nick: Why were you there?
Amos: I wanted to see his daughter.
Hank: Emily?
Amos: Yes. I think I need to talk to a lawyer.
Nick: Oh, a lawyer who can talk to you about the Maagd Zoektocht? We know all about the quest.
Hank: We know Emily's the prize. You in love with her?
Amos: You don't-love has nothing to do with it, and I don't know what you're insinuating—
Nick: We know you're Weten Ogen. I'm a Grimm.
Amos: [He briefly woges before retracting] Ah... Okay, okay, okay. Yes. Yes, yes, yes. I was a part of the Maagd Zoektocht.
Hank: So were Isaac and Eli.
Amos: But I didn't have anything to do with their deaths. I swear to you!
Nick: A beautiful bride and a fortune. That's certainly enough to kill for.
Hank: Kill whoever's in your way. You win and take everything.
Amos: I didn't kill them.
Hank: Who did?
Amos: First I thought it was Eli, but now that he's dead, I don't-I don't-Frankie. Frankie probably has hit men on his payroll. Maybe it's Troyer. I don't know! You should talk to Troyer. He's the one who's doing this.

Scene: Frankie takes pills in his office, when there's a knock at his door.

Frankie: [He grabs a gun from a drawer] What is it?
Luis: [He goes in] Amanda Proctor's here.
Frankie: The lawyer?
Luis: She says she knows something you'll find very helpful. She's clean.
Frankie: All right.
[Amanda goes into the office]
Frankie: You want to help me? With what?
Amanda: I know who wants your head. Daniel Troyer.
Frankie: Are you kidding me? I've never even met the guy. What'd I do to him?
Amanda: One of your goons killed his son. Technically, he's dead because of you.
Frankie: Oh, that. Aren't you his lawyer?
Amanda: Yes.
Frankie: Then why are you telling me this?
Amanda: Because he's responsible for the death of my son, and I want him dead.

Scene: Frankie watches Troyer from outside Troyer's house.

Troyer: [On the phone] The money needs to be transferred into that account tomorrow morning. Not half the money. All the money. You're not making a down payment.
[Frankie walks into the house]
Troyer: No excuses. You make it happen, and you call me when it's done. Do you understand? Oh, say hello to your wife for me, would you? [He hangs up]
Frankie: Excuse me for letting myself in. I'm not usually so rude... Unless I'm really pissed. Now, put the phone down. You don't want to dial 911 too early.
[Nick and Hank arrive at the house]
Hank: Frankie's car. [He and Nick take their guns out]
[The scene shifts back inside the house]
Troyer: There must be some mistake here.
Frankie: Yeah, there's a big mistake. You tried to kill me. Twice.
Troyer: No, I never tried to kill you.
Frankie: Oh, you didn't, but your boys did. Next time, tell them to use a gun. It's so much easier. [He points his gun at Troyer]
Troyer: No, no, don't.
Frankie: If it wasn't for that guy in the animal costume, I'd be dead.
Troyer: Did he look like this? [He woges]
Frankie: Oh-oh, my God. What are you?
[A woged Emily attacks Frankie, causing his gun to go off and shoot Troyer]
Hank: Police!
Nick: Back away!
Troyer: [He retracts] Emily.
Emily: [She retracts] Dad. [She goes over to Troyer] You've been shot.
Hank: [He calls in the shooting] We need an ambulance. 3438 Warnall Avenue. We've got a gunshot victim.
Frankie: I saw him. I saw him again. This time, there were two of them. How many of them are there? Oh, my God. Keep them away from me.
Hank: Ambulance is on its way.
Nick: We know you're Weten Ogen. We know all about the Maagd Zoektocht.
Emily: I hate that. I never wanted any part of it. I never wanted to marry anybody. It's their tradition, not mine.
Troyer: It's okay.
Emily: No, it's not okay. I just wanted my own life, and look at what this stupid quest has done.
Troyer: Emily, the quest was never for them.
Emily: What?
Troyer: I had to make sure you had the strength to take over.
Emily: I don't understand.
Troyer: It was always your quest, not theirs. You proved yourself to me far more worthy than any man.
Emily: Are you gonna arrest me?
Nick: No, we're gonna arrest your father.
Emily: But he didn't kill anyone. It was me that did it.
Hank: Every time you killed someone, it was to save Frankie's life. Makes it tricky to prosecute.
Nick: Your dad's under arrest for solicitation to kill Frankie Adkins.
Hank: Yeah, what's left of him.
Frankie: [He whimpers] Oh, God. I still see 'em. Oh!

Scene: Nick arrives home.

Adalind: Hey.
Nick: You look like you could use some help.
Adalind: Or a third arm.
Nick: [He takes Kelly from Adalind] Shh. Shh, shh, shh.
Adalind: You look more tired than he does.
Nick: Fun day. All right. [He lays Kelly down]
Adalind: I was worried.
Nick: About Kelly?
Adalind: No, you and everything that's happening. [Nick hugs her]
[There is a crash outside and Kelly starts crying]
Nick: Stay here.
Adalind: It's okay.
Nick: [He goes outside to investigate and sees a crashed motorcycle. He then hears gasping behind him and turns around to see Trubel stumbling towards him] Trubel?
Trubel: [Strained] Nick. [She falls forward, but Nick catches her]


Season 1 "Pilot" "Bears Will Be Bears" "Beeware" "Lonelyhearts" "Danse Macabre" "The Three Bad Wolves" "Let Your Hair Down" "Game Ogre" "Of Mouse and Man" "Organ Grinder" "Tarantella" "Last Grimm Standing" "Three Coins in a Fuchsbau" "Plumed Serpent" "Island of Dreams" "The Thing with Feathers" "Love Sick" "Cat and Mouse" "Leave It to Beavers" "Happily Ever Aftermath" "Big Feet" "Woman in Black"
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Webisodes "Bad Hair Day" "Meltdown" "Love is in the Air: Elegant Endeavors"

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