Man in Black 4
421-Man in Black 4
Actor: Brian Dykeman
Gender: Male
Type: Hundjäger
Service of: Verrat
Status: Living
TV Show: "Headache"
"Cry Havoc"

Man in Black 4 is a Verrat agent who first appeared in "Headache".



He was one of the Verrat agents who helped Kenneth and Rispoli in their plan to ambush Kelly Burkhardt. Looking on from a nearby van, he was on a radio and informed Kenneth and Rispoli when the nearby homes were first secured. When Kelly arrived at Nick and Juliette's home, he confirmed that it was her and that she had Diana with her as well.

"Cry Havoc"Edit

After Nick, Hank, and Trubel were seen in Nick's house, he was one of several Verrat agents that entered and started searching for them. After they weren't able to find anyone in the house, he told Rispoli that they were gone.

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