For the episode, see Maréchaussée.
Maréchaussée (Bounty Hunter)
Notables: Dead Jonathon Wilde

A Maréchaussée (mah-REH-shoh-see; Fr. "marshalcy") is a bounty hunter formerly employed by the Wesen Council. They are highly skilled, cunning, and deadly individuals. Unlike Council agents such as Alexander, they were only associated with the Wesen Council for the money. Before a Maréchaussée would go after a person wanted by the Council, they would ask the Council for an Eigenverantwortung (Ger. "personal responsibility"), or the authority to kill. Their typical modus operandi would involve assassinating the target, taking a photo of the body as evidence, and delivering the photo (usually electronically) back to the Council. Afterwards, they would receive their payment and, sometimes, their next bounty as well.


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