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S1 S2 S3 S4 Icon - Comics
Owned by: Kelly Burkhardt
Dead Marie Kessler
Nick Burkhardt
Others: Monroe
Juliette Silverton
Rosalee Calvert
Hank Griffin
Dead David Esquibel
Sean Renard
Al Eckert
Dead Woden
Theresa Rubel
Drew Wu
Purpose: Storage of Grimm documents, weaponry, chemicals, and artifacts
Location: Unidentified woods
TV Show:
Comics: Issue 0
Issue 0 Trailer

The trailer is a 1963 Airstream Globetrotter. ("Season of the Hexenbiest") It is the location of all of Nick's weapons, tools and lore for his duties as a Grimm.


When Kelly Burkhardt and Marie Kessler were faced with their father's terminal illness, they purchased an Airstream Globetrotter and moved 17 trunks' contents into it from their father's basement. ("Game Ogre") ("Bad Teeth") These items included Grimm diaries, weapons, substances, and many other secrets summing up their knowledge of the world of Wesen. When Kelly left in pursuit of the men who thought they'd killed her, Marie took the trailer to her home in Montana. ("Bad Teeth")

In "Pilot", while Nick Burkhardt was still at work, Marie arrived at the home Nick shared with Juliette Silverton and the trailer that Nick had never known she owned.

After Marie's death, Juliette watched from a window as Nick drove the sport utility vehicle away from the residence with the trailer attached  ("Bears Will Be Bears").

Nick visited the trailer to do some research on Mellifers. A bee observed him through the vent in the roof of the trailer  ("Beeware").

Beginning with "Danse Macabre", the trailer is shown in Forest Hills Storage yard.


Only significant plot events are recorded, since Nick visits for research in most episodes

Season OneEdit

In "Pilot", Marie Kessler brought the trailer to Nick and Juliette's Home.

In "Game Ogre", Nick told Monroe about the trailer and sent him to the yard to get the Siegbarste Gewehr and Siegbarste Gift.

In "Organ Grinder", Nick studied diary entries about Geiers.

In "Tarantella", Nick read an account by an unknown Grimm about meeting with a Doctor Hasagawa, who provided information about Spinnetods.

In "Last Grimm Standing", Nick invited Monroe to the trailer and they discussed Löwen.

In "Three Coins in a Fuchsbau", Nick asked Monroe to come to the trailer to translate some of the book's passages from the original German.

"Island of Dreams" was the first episode that the trailer does not appear.

In "Happily Ever Aftermath", Nick told Monroe the trailer and its contents were uninsured, since insuring it would require him to reveal its contents.

In "Woman in Black", Nick took Juliette to the trailer to reveal that he was a Grimm.

Season TwoEdit

In "Bad Teeth", Nick took his mom to the trailer where she revealed its history and some memories of certain artifacts inside the trailer.

In "Bad Moon Rising", Nick took Monroe to translate the Coyotl entry which was written in Spanish.

In "Quill", Nick went to the trailer to investigate a mysterious disease that was affecting Wesen in the city.

In "Season of the Hexenbiest", Adalind Schade learned of the trailer's existence from Juliette. Adalind told Sean Renard that the trailer was located in a storage yard in Portland. Sean ordered his unidentified telephone contact to find the trailer and Sean later drove to the storage yard.

In "Face Off", Sean Renard goes back to the trailer to search for Nick's Key. He brings a Scharfblicke locksmith with him to find the correct key to unlock the trailer.

In "One Angry Fuchsbau", Monroe took Juliette back to the trailer to jog her memory of Nick, but describes all of its contents as old family heirlooms and avoids explaining about Grimms and Wesen.

In "Volcanalis", Nick and Monroe research Taureus-Armenta and find an entry on Volcanalis, which was written in Latin.

In "Kiss of the Muse", Monroe, Rosalee, and Hank visit without Nick to research Khloe Sedgwick. Juliette visits alone in a further attempt to jog her memory.

In "The Waking Dead", Nick and Hank are researching  Cracher-Mortel when Nick receives a call from Monroe asking him to come to the Spice Shop when he can.

Season ThreeEdit

In "El Cucuy" Juliette is Nick's study partner for the first time alone.

In "Stories We Tell Our Young", Nick and Juliette spend time in the trailer writing about the true cause of the Grausen infection.

In "Once We Were Gods", Nick, Hank and Juliette are at the trailer studying about Anubis and watch through Kineclair projector showing a Grimm interrogating an Anubis Prisoner.

In "Blond Ambition", Nick and Trubel move the trailer from Forest Hills Storage to a wooded property Nick had purchased. Nick also stated that he bought it indirectly so that it couldn't be found easily or traced back to him. ("Thanks for the Memories")




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