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S2 S3 S4
Martin Meisner
Actor: Damien Puckler
Gender: Male
Type: Human
Service of: Laufer
Relationships: Dead Girlfriend
Sean Renard, acquaintance
Dead Sebastien, acquaintance
Adalind Schade, acquaintance
Status: Living
TV Show:
Mentioned: "Nameless"
"The Waking Dead"
"The Ungrateful Dead"
"A Dish Best Served Cold"
"The Wild Hunt"
"Highway of Tears"

Martin Meisner is a member of the Resistance from Berlin who was first mentioned in "Nameless" and first seen in "PTZD".



He talked to Captain Renard on the phone after Eric was killed. He was on a train and was going on a vacation.

"El Cucuy"Edit

He was helping Sebastien obtain a copy of Adalind's ultrasound.

"Stories We Tell Our Young"Edit

He met Renard at the Vienna airport and transported him to a safe house, which proved to have been compromised. After being attacked by two Verrat Hundjäger, Meisner fled with Renard through the sewer system.

"Cold Blooded"Edit

Meisner is with Renard in a new safe house after their first one was compromised. ("Stories We Tell Our Young") He and Renard initially hold Sebastien at gunpoint when he arrives until he is confirmed to have come alone. Later on, Meisner leaves with Renard and Sebastien to go to a Resistance meeting place.

They are greeted by Franz, who leads them into a barn. There they witness Breslau being interrogated over his betrayal. Afterwards, Meisner takes Breslau outside and executes him.

"Twelve Days of Krampus"Edit

Meisner is outside with Renard, Frenay and other Resistance members to greet Tavitian.

Renard and Meisner later break into Adalind's hotel room, with Renard finding hidden cameras and leaving Adalind a note.

"Red Menace"Edit

He accompanied Renard to the cafe, so Renard could speak with Adalind.

"The Good Soldier"Edit

Meisner was surveilling Adalind Schade at a cafe when she experienced some pain and was able to exercise some telekinetic control over her coffee cup. She then had an attack which resembled the onset of labor and light bulbs in the cafe blew out. Meisner followed Adalind back to her hotel and reported the events to Sean Renard by phone. Renard responded that Adalind was definitely getting her powers back.


Meisner was sent to Adalind's room with Sebastien in order to help her escape the Verrat. Hearing from Sebastien that two Verrat agents were already coming up to Adalind's room, Meisner takes off his shirt and jumps into Adalind's bed with a gun to pretend that he is her "guest" while Adalind lets the agents in. Meisner then shoots one of the agents, who falls on him and is saved from the other agent when a pen on a table launches into the eye of the agent. Meisner looks at Adalind who says she isn't sure that was her who launched the pen. They then escape to Sebastien's car.

After being let off on a secluded road by Sebastien, Meisner takes Adalind to an old cabin in the woods, which had been in his family for many years. There, he gets Adalind food and sheets. Later on that night, Meisner hears Adalind screaming and she says that her baby is coming.

"Mommy Dearest"Edit

Meisner helps Adalind give birth to her child and, while trying to calm her down, is bitten in the hand by Adalind. Books are also flung at him from the bedside table, forcing him to duck. After Adalind's daughter is born, Meisner hands the baby over to Adalind.

After Adalind falls asleep with her baby, he goes outside to call Captain Renard to inform him that Adalind gave birth. He tells Renard that no one knows where they are and they should be fine at the cabin for a few days.

Later on, Meisner goes over to brush Adalind's hair out of her face while she's sleeping when her hair wraps tightly around his hand. Adalind's daughter then wakes up, revealing reddish, purple eyes, and has a stare-down with Meisner, after which Adalind's hair unwraps and settles again on her head.

"Once We Were Gods"Edit

Meisner is walking in the woods to look for firewood. While hearing a baby crying, Meisner is shocked to find Adalind's baby on the ground and all alone. He quickly picks her up and goes back to the cabin.

When he arrives to the cabin, Meisner demands to know what Adalind did to her baby, only to find Adalind holding her baby and wondering what he means. Meisner then looks down to find that he is carrying a pile of logs instead of a baby. He tells Adalind that he saw the baby outside on the ground and that he could hear her heartbeat.

Later at the cabin, Adalind thanks Meisner for saving her and her daughter's lives. She asks if he has anyone else and he says he did until his girlfriend was killed by the Royals. Meisner receives a call from Sean informing him of Sebastien's disappearance. Sean asks Meisner if Sebastien knows where they are and Meisner says no, but he could point people in the right direction. Sean tells Meisner that he, Adalind, and the baby should leave the cabin as soon as possible.

After they leave the cabin, Meisner, Adalind, and the baby walk through the forest.

"The Show Must Go On"Edit

Meisner was in the woods with Adalind and her daughter watching Viktor and the Verrat trying to find them. Adalind tells Meisner that she sees Viktor. The baby starts crying and Adalind tells Meisner that her daughter is hungry. Meisner tells Adalind to feed the baby later.

A little while later, Adalind, Meisner and the baby approached the two cars in the highway in which in one of the cars is Sebastien. As Meisner checks on him, he is ordered to put his gun down by one of the Verrat. Adalind uses her powers to save Meisner's life by forcing the Verrat member to shoot himself. When they were about to leave, Sebastien made the decision to stay behind to make up for what he did and Meisner gives him a gun. Meisner then drives off with Adalind and the baby.

Later on the road, Meisner thanks Adalind for saving his life. He receives a call from Sean who informs him that Tavitian has an airplane waiting to transport Adalind and the baby out of the country in Zurich. Adalind asks if Meisner is coming with them, but Meisner told her that he can't go with them because his fight is here.


Meisner brings Adalind and the baby near the meting place in Rafz, Switzerland. He tells Adalind to stay in the car and he gets out to look around the area to make sure it's safe. He goes into a forested area and is spied on by members of the Verrat. When they try to attack, they lose sight him. As two of the Verrat look around the area, Meisner jumps down from a tree and fights them both. After he defeats them, he sees the plane arriving for Adlind, so he runs back to the car. When he arrives, the and the baby are missing. He goes to look for them and when he finds them, he sees multiple bodies on the ground. He asks Adalind if she killed them and she shakes her head. Kelly Burkhardt appears and says she is the one who killed them, and that she'll "take it from here."

They all quickly head to the plane before more Verrat show up. Kelly tells them whoever set up the meeting did a terrible job because the Verrat arrived hours ago, but luckily she arrived before they did. Adalind tells Meisner she doesn't even know who the woman is, but Meisner says they can probably trust her because she saved their lives. Meisner and Adalind say their goodbyes. Adalind tells him "if it hadn't been for you, I would have been dead a long time ago" and kisses him on the cheek before getting on the plane. After the plane leaves, Meisner calls Sean and tells him Adalind is on her way out of the country. Meisner tells Sean about the Verrat's attempted ambush and their "contact" being there first, fortunately. Meisner tells Sean that after seeing what their contact did to the Verrat, Adalind and her baby are in good hands. Sean asks if he has heard from Sebastien and Meisner says he saw what Prince Viktor did to him. Meisner tells Sean that if it weren't for Sebastien, they wouldn't have gotten this far and doubts that he is still alive. Sean tells Meisner it would probably be a good idea for him to disappear for awhile and Meisner agrees.


"Nameless" Edit

Renard's Confidant tells Sean that Meisner thinks only about himself and that he is not to be trusted. Sean indicates he wants to keep a positive relationship with Meisner until it is no longer necessary.

"The Waking Dead" Edit

Sean instructs his confidant to "check with Meisner; see what he knows" about Eric Renard's business in Portland.

"The Ungrateful Dead" Edit

Sean tells his confidant to have Meisner take care of Eric Renard. Apparently this is no trivial matter, because the confidant seemed surprised by the request.


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