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Monroe and Rosalee's Home

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Monroe and Rosalee's Home
320-Monroe and Rosalee's home
Location: Portland, Oregon
Regulars: Monroe
Rosalee Calvert
Nick Burkhardt
Juliette Silverton
Hank Griffin
Others: Handcuff Peter Orson
Dead Hap Lasser
Dead Angelina Lasser
Dead Larry Mackenzie
Bud Wurstner
Adalind Schade
Sean Renard

Monroe and Rosalee's Home is the residence of Monroe and Rosalee; it is also Monroe's place of business as a clockmaker. He owns a large number of clocks due to this. In many episodes, Nick visits the house to question Monroe, and sometimes Rosalee about the Wesen he is currently dealing with. In "Season of the Hexenbiest", Nick moved in with Monroe while he was dealing with everything with Juliette. During "A Dish Best Served Cold", Nick moved out and in "One Night Stand", Rosalee moved in.



  • In "Over My Dead Body", according to Angelina's folder, Monroe's address is 418 RavensView Drive, Portland, OR 97210.

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