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Mrs. Clark
Mrs. Clark
Actor: Claudia Christian
Gender: Female
Type: Human
Relationships: Holly Clark, daughter
Status: Living
TV Show: "Let Your Hair Down"

Mrs. Clark is the adoptive mother of Holly Clark. She appeared in "Let Your Hair Down".


"Let Your Hair Down"Edit

After finding Holly's DNA at Delmar Blake's campsite, Hank Griffin visited her to learn more about Holly's abduction; he did not tell her that the police had reason to believe that Holly was alive. Mrs. Clark told Hank that she and her now deceased husband had borrowed camping equipment from a neighbor, Jimmy Addison, who had since moved away.

Hank returned later to tell Mrs. Clark that Holly had been found alive. She was reunited with Holly when Nick drove up to her house with Holly in his car. Mrs. Clark accompanied Holly to the lineup where Holly identified Addison as the man who abducted her.

Mrs. Clark was unaware that Holly is a Blutbad.


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