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Natalie Haverstraw
Natalie Haverstraw
Actor: Amanda Walsh
Gender: Female
Type: Human
Relationships: Leonard Drake, boyfriend
Status: Living
Job: Office worker
TV Show: "Of Mouse and Man"

Natalie Haverstraw is an office worker who appeared in "Of Mouse and Man".


"Of Mouse and Man"Edit

She lived with her boyfriend, Leonard Drake. He became angry one evening after she asked him not to repair an engine in the apartment. Both Martin Burgess and Mason Snyder intervened in the argument, and Burgess later killed Drake. Burgess also murdered Snyder after he threatened Burgess to stay away from Natalie and told him that she was his. Haverstraw left the apartment and did not learn about Drake's death until the next day. Burgess was smitten with Natalie to the degree that he later abducted her and took her to his junk shop, where she was rescued by Nick and Hank; Nick and Hank had brought her in earlier for questioning at the precinct regarding the death of her boyfriend.



  • Haverstraw lived in the apartment 201 on 841 SE Long Street, Portland, with her boyfriend. The address, though existent, does not match the broadcast scene. See Google Street View

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