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Doesn't it seem to you like a lot of weird stuff happens in this house?

Franco to Wu, in "Blond Ambition"

Nick and Juliette's Home
321-Nick and Juliette's house
Location: Portland, Oregon
Regulars: Nick Burkhardt (formerly)
Juliette Silverton (formerly)
Theresa Rubel (formerly)
Adalind Schade (formerly)
Kelly Schade-Burkhardt (formerly)
Others: Hank Griffin
Rosalee Calvert
Sean Renard
Drew Wu
Bud Wurstner
Diana Schade-Renard
Dead Kelly Burkhardt
Dead Marie Kessler
Dead Kenneth Bowes-Lyon
Dead Marcus Rispoli
Dead Oleg Stark
Dead Akira Kimura
Dead Weston Steward
Handcuff Joe
Ariel Eberhart
Dead Katrina Chavez
Doug Rosten

Nick and Juliette's Home was the residence of Nick Burkhardt and Juliette Silverton, and briefly Nick, Adalind Schade, and their son Kelly. Ownership of the home was not initially clear, as Juliette offered to move out, ("The Good Shepherd") and Nick did move out. ("Season of the Hexenbiest") Also, Nick was shown moving in with Juliette. ("Volcanalis") Nick later referenced purchasing the house. ("Lost Boys")

Selling the House

Monroe advised Nick that he shouldn't raise his son, Kelly, in a place where so many bad things had happened and that he should think about moving out. Nick took his advice and put the house up for sale soon afterwards, using Michael Wylie as the real estate agent. ("Clear and Wesen Danger") Nick and Adalind moved into a loft after Nick sold the house. He had the furniture that was in the house placed in storage. ("Lost Boys") It is not known who bought the house.



  • Nick lived in the house for 6½ years before selling it. ("Lost Boys")

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