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Seven Keys
121-Nick's key
Owned by: Knighted ancestors of Grimms
Other Grimms
Dead Marie Kessler (formerly)
Nick Burkhardt
Kelly Burkhardt (formerly)
Dead Rolek Porter (formerly)
Purpose: Map (exterior)
Unknown (key)
Location: Portland
TV Show:
Season 1
Referenced: "Quill"
"The Good Shepherd" (picture only)
"The Law of Sacrifice"
"Cry Luison"
"The Grimm Who Stole Christmas"

The seven keys are keys that belonged to seven knights who were ancestors to the Grimms. The knights worked for the seven families in the twelfth century. After sacking Constantinople in the Fourth Crusade, they took a treasure back, but decided not to give it to their benefactors. Instead, they made a map on the seven keys, and each knight took a key. The keys, when put together, reveal the location of an unknown treasure. The treasure is supposed to be an artifact so powerful that, if held by the seven royal families, it would allow them to rule the world. According to Sean Renard, the Royals themselves don't know what the treasure is, but according to the legends, it could be either Muhammad's sword, the secret of alchemy, the secret to immortality, the nails used in the crucifixion of Jesus, or even the Cross itself. Renard also noted that it took the Royal Families six hundred years and a great deal of bloodshed, even by their standards, to obtain just four of the keys. ("Endangered")

The KeysEdit

Seen KeysEdit

Unseen KeysEdit

  • 4 owned by the Royals.

Missing KeyEdit

  • 1 key in an unknown location.

Treasure LocationEdit

321-Map of 2 keys

Map made by Nick's 2 keys

The exact location of the treasure is unknown, but Nick compared the partial map from his first key to an atlas and the page from the atlas included the point where fifty-two degrees north latitude intersects the shoreline of continental Europe. It seems to be somewhere in France.

Monroe instantly recognized the map as a river in the northwestern part of the Swabian Circle, meaning the treasure was likely hidden somewhere in the Black Forest. ("Endangered") After putting the partial maps from both of Nick's keys together, Monroe confirmed that the map definitely leads to somewhere in the Black Forest. ("The Inheritance")


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