Norm Stanton

610-Norm Stanton

610-Norm Stanton woged

Actor: Frank Birney
Gender: Male
Type: Drang-Zorn
Relationships: Elizabeth Stanton, wife
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Injected with toxic dosage of Gevatter Tod saliva by Dr. Landeaux

Norm Stanton was a Drang-Zorn suffering from dementia and the husband of Elizabeth Stanton. He appeared in "Blood Magic".


"Blood Magic"Edit

Norm's wife, Elizabeth, had noticed in recent days that Norm was becoming increasingly restless and wasn't staying asleep. She tried using melatonin to get him to stay asleep, but it didn't work. In his bouts of dementia, Norm woged and killed two people, not truly knowing what he was doing.

Elizabeth was devastated when Norm, suffering from another bad instance of dementia, attacked her and left the house, as he had never attacked her before. Nick, Hank, and Monroe were able to track Norm down using his cell phone, and they found him as he was approaching a young woman at a bus stop, confusing her for Elizabeth. Norm told them he couldn't find his wife anywhere and they told him that she was at home and they could take him there, but he was distrusting of Nick, Hank, and Monroe since he didn't know who they were. Norm started turning on them, asking them with an accusatory tone what they did with his wife, before woging, but Monroe was able to restrain him. Still confused as to what was going on, they were able to bring him back to his house. He didn't recognize Elizabeth or where he was at first, but Elizabeth and Dr. Landeaux helped calm him down as they got him to sit down in his favorite chair. Nick, Hank, and Wu then confirmed that the cane Norm had tied him to the two Wesen kills that had been committed previously in areas near the Stantons' home. Due to the danger Norm could pose while in custody, Nick gave Dr. Landeaux permission to do what he had to do, and Dr. Landeaux, in turn, got consent from Elizabeth, who told him she was ready. Elizabeth emotionally gave Norm her final goodbye, telling him she loved him and was going to miss him. She said she'd see him again soon, before breaking down and kissing him on the head. She tearfully watched on with Monroe and Rosalee as Dr. Landeaux closed Norm's eyes, woged into his Gevatter Tod form, and allowed Norm to pass away in a more peaceful and dignified manner.

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