S1 S6
Officer 2
Actor: Matt Dotson
Gender: Male
Type: Human
Status: Living
Job: Police Officer

The officer is a member of the South Precinct who first appeared in "The Three Bad Wolves".


Season 1Edit

"The Three Bad Wolves"Edit

He discovered Angelina Lasser in Lieutenant Peter Orson's office. When he challenged her about being there, Angelina threw him across the room and fled.

Season 6Edit

"El Cuegle"Edit

He stood guard outside the interrogation room where Isidoro Malpica was being held. He went inside the room after he heard Isidoro having convulsions and called paramedics upon entering and seeing the suspect still seizing and foaming at the mouth, but Isidoro collected himself quickly and woged, before using his third arm to slam the officer's head into the table in front of him, knocking him unconscious.



  • In spite of the title of the role "Officer 2" in "The Three Bad Wolves", he wore a different uniform than the other police officers; it resembled that of Orson, an arson investigator.

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