S2 S5
Officer Ricci
511-Officer Ricci
Actor: Erin McGarry
Gender: Female
Type: Human
Relationships: Officer Fogel, partner
Status: Living
Job: Police officer

Officer Ricci is a police officer who first appeared in "Quill".


Season 2Edit


She was responsible for the report of the traffic accident involving Ryan Gilko and Carl Stanton. After asking about the report, Gilko made an amorous approach to the officer; Gilko's behavior towards Officer Ricci was later shown to be a symptom of Fluvus Pestilentia, also known as the Yellow Plague.

Season 5Edit

"Key Move"Edit

Officer Ricci told her partner, Officer Fogel, not to engage Marwan Hanano after Officer Fogel said that he had spotted the suspect. She called in the possible sighting of the suspect, but she soon found her partner had been assaulted. She later told Wu and Hank what happened, before leaving to go see her partner in the hospital.


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