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315-Alexander woged
Other languages: German: Pflichttreue
Hungarian: Ragaszkodó
Notables: Alexander
TV Show: "Natural Born Wesen"
"Stories We Tell Our Young"
"Once We Were Gods"

A Pflichttreue (PFLIKHT-troy-ə; Germ. "one who is dutiful") is a white panther-like Wesen that first appeared in "Stories We Tell Our Young".


"Stories We Tell Our Young"

Alexander was sent by De Groot to deal with the Grausen case in Portland reported by Rosalee Calvert. Once he arrived, he was prevented from killing the infected child, Daniel Keary by Nick Burkhardt. Before he left Portland Nick gave him the medical report on Grausen after Daniel was cured. The report showed that Grausen was an parasitic infection that could be cured by causing the sufferer to experience hypothermia.

"Once We Were Gods"

Alexander appears at Rosalee's spice shop, telling Rosalee and Monroe that he wishes to speak to the Grimm.

After Nick and Hank speak with Vera Gates, Alexander uses Monroe and Rosalee as the medium with which to contact Nick, and uses Monroe's phone to bring Nick to Monroe's house. Alexander explains that the Wesen Council sympathizes with Beati Paoli's motives of preserving and protecting Wesen culture and antiquities, though disagrees with their methods. He explains that Karl Herman broke Council law by killing the university guard, and enlists Nick's help in "dealing with" Herman. He then says that he has to catch a plane back home, and leaves the house.

Later on, Nick finds out that Alexander had been lying about leaving that night for a plane, as his rental car was found behind the university where the Anubis sarcophagus was held. After being confronted by Nick, Alexander is helped by Monroe, Rosalee, Nick and Hank to give a ceremonial burial for the mummified Anubis. In the morning, Alexander is joined by Monroe and Rosalee in burning the mummy on a wooden pyre and looking at it while woged.


When they woge, Pflichttreue gain glowing yellow-green eyes, sharp teeth, and dull white fur grows all over their bodies which has black spots. Pflichttreue are weaker than Grimms as Nick was able to take Alexander down without much of a fight. However, Pflichttreue are quick and stealthy, able to appear and disappear without a trace.


Pflichttreue are smart, fearless, and extremely loyal. Because of these traits, several are used by the Wesen Council to help with some of their most difficult dirty work.


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