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This page lists objects which appear only in "Plumed Serpent"

Fairmont streetcar

Seen in "Plumed Serpent" Freemont streetcar
Owned by Western Cascades Railroad Company
Purpose Fast travel on streetcar/train tracks.
Comments The Fairmont streetcar was the streetcar Nick Burkhardt and Monroe used to travel on the train tracks in "Plumed Serpent". Monroe knew how to operate it because he collected model trains. Monroe said the streetcar was a draisine, in other words, a small vehicle for travel on rail. Baron Karl Christain Ludwig Drais Von Sauerbronn invented the Laughmascine, an earlier relative to the streetcar, in 1817 (according to Monroe). On the top of the streetcar, the name Western Cascades Railroad is painted in the front; this is most likely the owner of the streetcar.

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