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Portland Police Bureau
Notables: Sean Renard
Nick Burkhardt
Hank Griffin
Drew Wu
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The Portland Police Bureau (colloquially the Portland Police Department or P.P.D.) is responsible for law enforcement in Portland, Oregon. There are three precints: Central, North, and East.

City of PortlandEdit

  • Chief of Police: Mentioned, no name ("Bears Will Be Bears")
  • Assistant Chief: Not mentioned
  • Commander: Not mentioned

Central PrecinctEdit

North PrecinctEdit

Image GalleryEdit


  • The various departments of the Portland Police Bureau correspond to the following office numbers:
Department Office Number
Burglary Division 301
Robbery-Homicide 302
Special Deployment 304
Operations 305
Cyber Crimes Division 306
Tactical Unit 307
Records 209
Mounted Patrol 202
Traffic Division 218

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