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Product placement occurs in any series. Sometimes it's by accident, the producer pays a fee to display a product, and sometimes the product's company pays for time on the screen.


  • Almost all of the mobile phones in the series are iPhones.

Nick BurkhardtEdit

Nick's HouseEdit

  • Nick owns a Dell desktop computer as well as an iMac. ("Pilot")


  • Juliette drives a Subaru. ("Of Mouse and Man")
  • Juliette owns a Macintosh desktop computer and surfs the Internet using Apple Safari. ("Big Feet")
  • Juliette is seen browsing a site called "KnowZip", an "interactive technology database" which is obviously parodied from Wikipedia. The article she looks up, Parahuman also exists on Wikipedia, though the prop designers took care to see the article contained different text, images, and content. Interestingly, however, the last three sections are identical to those of Wikipedia at that time: "See also", "References", and "External links". "See also" usually would not appear on a Wikipedia article, so the fact it is included both on the source article and on the show is (in a sense) comical. ("Big Feet")



  • Hank drives a dark blue Dodge Charger.

Dr. HarperEdit

Dr. Harper uses an Apple Macbook for work purposes. ("Beeware")

Police departmentEdit

  • The police department uses Microsoft Windows Vista with various modifications to the GUI.
  • Most, if not all, of the police officers' phones are iPhones.


Minor charactersEdit

Other businessesEdit


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