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Purewelt Orden (P.W.O.), or Pure World Order, is an organization dedicated to keeping the world pure of what it deems impure lifestyles or blood.

Members have two known uniforms. During their daylight demonstrations, they wear camouflage outfits and green bandanas. During their evening demonstrations, they wear black robes and pointed hoods with eyeholes.

They act according to the Reinheitsgebot, an ancient Wesen purity law, which declares the interspecies marriage as taboo. To demonstrate their protest against mixed marriage, they burn wooden stakes with interspecies couples roped to them. Then, they eat the remains. The families of these couples are also at risk-- they murder any and all who are related to the offenders.


Southern United StatesEdit


In 1865, Purewelt activists in the southern United States formed a party known as the Ku Klux Klan, or K.K.K., aimed at destroying all Republican presence in the South. They had a tendency to target black leaders. They became notorious for being prejudiced against colored people. A common sight was men in white garments with tall white hoods. The Klan was shut down in 1874 by law officials.

In 1915, the Klan was brought back again. With this second Klan, cross burnings became popular. The second Klan lasted until 1945.

The third Klan in 1946 introduced mass destruction, such as house bombing. Today the Klan still exists with several thousand members.

Nazi GermanyEdit


In 1941, Purewelt activist leader Adolf Hitler launched a campaign to destroy all people of Polish descent. Per his Generalplan Ost, slavic peoples could be sent to the western portion of Siberia, though this plan was not executed. In order to solve all legal and other implications surrounding Judaism, he decided to have all Jews slaughtered or worked to death. Many groups were forcefully sterilized or executed, including the colored, unintelligent, unthrifty, sexually awkward, promiscuous, dirty, ill, mentally handicapped, homeless, criminal, Romani, and Protestant people.



In 1992, Purewelt activist leader Dario Kordić led a mission known as the Lašva Valley ethnic cleansing, in which the Croatian army persecuted and slaughtered Muslims living in Bosnia. This mission fell apart in 1993.

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