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"Quill" is the fourth episode of Season 2 of Grimm and the twenty-sixth episode overall. It first aired on September 3, 2012 on NBC.


Press Release

While investigating an accident site, Nick comes upon a bizarre and gruesome Wesen disease that is spreading quickly. A romantic day out for Monroe and Rosalee takes a dangerous turn when they encounter an infected creature that is out for blood. Meanwhile, Captain Renard gets a tip about a dangerous foreign fugitive who’s made his way to Portland.



(Hank): "Now how many of these what-you-call-them are there?"
(Nick): "Wesen. They call themselves Wesen. And...I don't know how many there are. And I've seen, maybe two dozen. I've read about them a whole lot more.'"
(Hank): "What d'you mean you read about them? You can buy a book about this?"
(Nick): "No. Look, when my Aunt Marie came to town. She brought this bunch of stuff with her. And I sort of inherited it. My ancestors have apparently been passing this stuff down for centuries."
(Hank): "And now you see them all the time?"
(Nick): "Only when they're upset, pissed off...Y'know, emotional in some way."
(Hank): "And do they know you're one of these...Grimms?"
(Nick): "No, I think...they can sense it, when I recognize them. But I don't know for sure. My ancestors never wrote that down. They were too busy chopping off heads!"
(Hank): "Now am I gonna be seeing them all the time now too?"
(Nick): "I don't think so. But you never know, you just have to be ready. Y'know, if you didn't have a Grimm for a partner, I doubt you would have seen anything. But believe me, they're out there."
(Nick): "Don't even think about it..."
(Carl Stanton morphs into a Reinigen):
(Nick, to Hank): "He's thinking about it."
(Hank): "Did he do that 'change' thing?"
(Nick): "Right before he charged at us."
(Hank): "What d'you see?"
(Nick): "He's called a Reinigen."
(Hank): "What's a...Reinigen look like?"
(Nick): "Kinda like a rat."
(Hank): "I hate rats!"
(Hank): "How do you do this? How do you know who's who and what's what?"
(Nick): "Sometimes you do...sometimes you don't."
(Hank): "That's no help!"
(Sean): "Why is it being sent?"
(Informant): "For the Key!"
(Sean): "I will not let that happen!"
(Nick): "It's Hank."
(Monroe): "Uh-oh. Is he getting worse?"
(Nick): "No. I told him...everything."
(Monroe): "I'm sorry--excuse me?"
(Nick): "He knows I'm a Grimm, and he knows about Wesen."
(Monroe): "And he believes you?"
(Nick): "Man, he was losing it. I don't think he had a choice anymore!"
(Monroe): "Did you tell him about me?"
(Hank): "Now maybe this is all 'coz he's a...ummm...? What did you call it?"
(Nick): "It's a Reinigen."
(Hank): "Yeah, maybe it's 'coz he's a Reinigen!"
(Monroe): "I dunno. But whatever he's got, I think that explains why he attacked Gilko!"
(Monroe): "We need to get a background on Stanton...Who he was...What he did...Where he been!"
(Nick): "Look, I gotta check out some books."
(Hank): "What books?"
(Nick): "The stuff my ancestors wrote. Maybe they have something about this disease."
(Nick): "I'll stick to the modern world, thank you. See what I can find out about Stanton's history."
(Monroe): "Hey, hey, hey! That's the guy we saw at the park! He came right at me Nick! Listen, Rosalee's got it too. I think he must've scratched her, or something."
(Nick): "Wait, Rosalee's sick?"
(Hank, shocked): "Rosalee's one?"
(Nick): "Yeah, she's a...she's a Fuchsbau!"
(Hank): "Then Monroe's one?"
(Monroe): "Yeah! Blutbad, here. Can we get into this later? I mean welcome aboard Hank. Glad we don't have to beat around the bush anymore. It's just Rosalee's in the other room, okay? And I'm just about to mix this stuff."
(Monroe): "As long as we’re...umm... letting the Blutbad out of the bag, so to speak. I was the one who hit you in the park that day."
(Hank): "What?"
(Monroe): "Y'know, the 'Hunt for Bigfoot Day'?"
(Nick): "It's true. It was him."
(Monroe): "I didn't mean to. It's just...Larry was a really good friend of mine and...more later..."


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  • The Nuckelavee did not speak and was not credited.

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