S5 S6
Actor: June Eisler
Gender: Female
Type: Human
Status: Living
Job: Reporter

Rebecca is a reporter who first appeared in "A Reptile Dysfunction".


Season 5Edit

"A Reptile Dysfunction"Edit

She went to Diamond Lake to report on the murder of Allan Eiger and how it may have been done by the Diamond Lake Monster. She didn't really believe the legend was true and told Wayne Dunbar, regarding covering the news story, "If it bleeds, it leads."

"Set Up"Edit

She briefly spoke to Renard at the precinct soon after he had been elected the mayor of Portland.

Season 6Edit

"Oh Captain, My Captain"Edit

She was one of the reporters who came to the precinct to ask Renard, who was actually Nick in disguise, about his statements regarding abdicating the Portland mayorship and the manhunt for Nick Burkhardt.

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