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207 - Rissfleich
Other languages: German: Rißfleisch
Hungarian: Hússzaggató
Referenced: "Game Ogre"
"The Bottle Imp"

A Rißfleisch (standard: Rissfleich; pronunciation: RISS-flysh; Germ. riss "tore, ripped" or Riss "the kill of a predator -> prey" + Fleisch "flesh, meat") is a tiger-like Wesen seen in Marie's Book.

Grimms have created many ways to kill Rißfleisch including the poisonous serum, Spirit Oleander and the specialized Rißfleisch Spear. The spear is forged from pure silver and must strike the creature in the neck above the clavicle.

Grimm Diary ExcerptEdit

"I encountered a Rissfleich in Amsterdam. Police found a banker dead with his neck broken and abdomen tore open. His business partner said he suspected a man who ran another bank in town. I followed him to a local drinking establishment. After a few drinks, he showed me his true colors, stripes and all."

"Agile and fast with amazing musculature. The Rissfleich takes down its prey by pouncing. Confident in his position in life, the Rissfleich is a formidable entrepreneur, who is unafraid to eliminate his competition."


Unseen Wesen in Grimm
Bovine Wesen Mordstier
Pantherine Wesen Rißfleisch, Tefnut
Feline Wesen Bastet
Amniote Wesen Ammit
Meline Wesen Rotznasig Carcaju
Mephitid Wesen Faeteo fatalis
Pseudosuchian Wesen Trasque
Monotreme Wesen Shnabeltiermörder
Hexapod Wesen Khepri
Unknown Wesen Schneetmacher, Gefrierengeber, Waage

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