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Rosalee Calvert


407-Rosalee woged

Actor: Bree Turner
Gender: Female
Type: Fuchsbau
Relationships: Monroe, husband
Dead George Calvert, father
Gloria Calvert, mother
Dead  Freddy Calvert, brother
DeEtta Calvert, sister
Bart, father-in-law
Alice, mother-in-law
Nick Burkhardt, friend
Juliette Silverton, friend
Hank Griffin, friend
Ian Harmon, ex-boyfriend
Lois, aunt
Dead Henry, uncle
Dead Jeanette, aunt
Status: Living
Job: Apothecary
Languages known: English
Webisodes: "Bad Hair Day"
"Love is in the Air"
Comics: Issue 1
Issue 7
Issue 10
Issue 11
Issue 12
Grimm: The Warlock Issue 4
Books: The Icy Touch
The Chopping Block
The Killing Time
Mentioned: "The Other Side"

Rosalee Calvert is a Fuchsbau, apothecary, and Monroe's wife. She first appeared in "Island of Dreams".


Early life and drug addictionEdit

When Rosalee was younger, she tried to follow in the footsteps of her parents to become an apothecary, but at the time, she didn't like the job. Rosalee went through a rough patch of seven years where she was addicted to drugs, specifically Jay, which she bought from Cecil as well as the gang North End Crew. On one occasion, she was arrested for shoplifting a watch and served time in jail for it, during which her father passed away and she missed his funeral, which she was unaware of until after she was released from jail and her mother and sister were no longer speaking to her. After those seven years of bad behavior, Rosalee cleaned up her act and moved to Seattle.

Spring 2012: Season 1Edit

Arrival in PortlandEdit

In late March of 2011, Rosalee received a call from Nick Burkhardt of the Portland Police Department, informing her that her brother, Freddy had recently been murdered in an attempted robbery of his spice shop. Rosalee left her Seattle home to pay her respects to her brother and to pack up his Portland shop to sell it. While at the shop one night, Nick brought Monroe to the shop so they can search the basement to see if they could find something Wesen would kill for. Before leaving, Rosalee grabbed Monroe's arm and subtly woged to see if he was telling the truth about having known her brother. Monroe returned the gesture. Feeling more comfortable with someone like herself, she readily accepted temporary protective custody in Monroe's home. Rosalee helped close her own brother's case when she betrayed some old friends at a Trauminsel she knew about. During the informal raid, she saved Monroe from being shot by one of the murderers by hitting him in the head with a brick. ("Island of Dreams")

Helping NickEdit

Rosalee decided to reopen the apothecary, and she enlisted the help of Monroe. Soon, Nick realized Rosalee's pharmaceutical knowledge and experience would be useful in his detective work, and Rosalee gradually became more and more involved in his cases as Monroe had before. She walked Nick through the steps to remove an Unbezahlbar out of a Seltenvogel's throat by reading the directions out of one of the books in her shop. ("The Thing With Feathers") Along with Monroe, she helped Nick develop an antidote for Wu to reverse the effects of Adalind Schade's Zaubertrank. Soon after, she help Nick save his partner, detective Hank Griffin's life through her book knowledge about Hexenbiests. ("Love Sick")

Rosalee was grabbed by a man as she walked into the spice shop one morning. She was alarmed at first, but she quickly recognized him as an old friend, Ian Harmon, who had been shot by a bounty hunter, Edgar Waltz. She helped Ian get into bed and then called Monroe for help. After she explained to Monroe Ian's association with the Laufer, Monroe instantly made the connection that the pursuers must be the Verrat. Rosalee then called Nick, as Ian was a suspect in his case, and she and Monroe explained that Ian had an alibi, so he couldn't be the murderer in his case. Soon later, Rosalee went to Reginald to get papers for Ian to leave the country. After she picked the papers up, Edgar Waltz followed her back to the shop. Rosalee opened the envelope from Reginald to find a note warning her about Edgar. She then called Monroe for help, but Edgar arrived and took the phone, threatening to kill Rosalee if Monroe didn't bring Ian back. Nick arrived at the shop just before Edgar was going to shoot Rosalee and Nick told Edgar that he had Ian. Monroe then also entered the shop saying he had Ian, causing the two to fake argue. Edgar then asked Rosalee who she called and Monroe woged, and threw Edgar to the ground, where Ian shot him. ("Cat and Mouse")

After Adalind's cat scratched Nick's girlfriend, Juliette Silverton at her veterinary hospital, Juliette soon fell into a coma, so Nick and Monroe brought the cat to the spice shop for testing. Rosalee told them they would try to figure out what was wrong by testing the cat, but they may need to test Juliette in order to be of any use. Rosalee started by gassing the cat with valerian so she could check its claws and saliva. ("Woman in Black")

Spring 2012-Spring 2013: Season 2Edit

Saving JulietteEdit

Monroe and Rosalee arrived at Nick's house just after the fight with Akira Kimura. They were surprised at the destruction of Nick's house and Nick told them that Kimura was responsible. Monroe and Rosalee realized that someone else was in the house by catching their scent, at first thinking it to be Kimura. Nick's mom, Kelly Burkhardt, then attacked Monroe and pulled out a knife. After things were calmed down, Monroe and Rosalee were both shocked when they were told Kelly is Nick's mother, who they thought was dead. Rosalee then told Nick that the spell that put Juliette into a coma was called L'espirit Ailleus which causes memory loss. Rosalee then told Nick that she and Monroe were working on the cure, but that it would take 16 hours for it to be ready. The next day, Rosalee spoke to Nick on the phone as he was about to face the Mauvais Dentes and told him the potion would only work for the next forty-five minutes. ("Bad Teeth")

Rosalee and Monroe waited impatiently at the hospital while unknown to them, Kelly and Nick fought and killed the Mauvais Dentes. They were about to give up and head into the hospital when Nick and Kelly arrived. Rosalee instructed Nick to give Juliette six drops of the potion in each eye and told him it would not wake her, and there was no way to know if it worked until she did awaken. Rosalee and Monroe then drove Kelly back to Nick's house, and Rosalee told Kelly about the recent events and how she trusted Nick. Once at Nick's house, Rosalee hugged Kelly as she said goodbye. Later on, Rosalee was threatened by Catherine Schade in the spice shop and called Nick to tell him. ("The Kiss")

Yellow Plague on the First DateEdit

One morning, Rosalee entered the spice shop to find it damaged after Adalind's cat escaped its cage. She managed to get the cat outside when Monroe entered the shop. They then heard what sounded like the cat getting hit by a car. Monroe then asked Rosalee to go on a picnic with him and during the picnic they were attacked by an infected Stangebär. They managed to escape and drove back to the spice shop. Once there, Rosalee began to get very touchy with Monroe. She began to heavily kiss him. Simultaneously, Monroe was speaking to Nick on the phone, wile telling him about the symptoms of the infection (being extremely love drunk). Monroe then realized that Rosalee was exhibiting the symptom and promptly saw a scratch on her neck. Monroe hung up and told her that she was infected. While Monroe was making the antidote for the disease Rosalee broke out the window of the spice shop. Nick then arrived, along with Hank and Ryan Gilko, the Stangebär who infected Rosalee. Nick went after Rosalee in the back alley way where she attacked him with a pair of scissors, but Nick managed to disarm her and knocked her unconscious. Nick then brought Rosalee back into the shop where she was fed the antidote. When she woke up, Rosalee asked Monroe if they kissed, which he told her that they did. ("Quill")

Sick AuntEdit

One night Rosalee went over to Monroe's house for dinner where they discovered that they both like the same artist, and began kissing. In the middle of this, they were interrupted by Angelina Lasser, Monroe's ex-girlfriend, which caused Rosalee to leave. She later apologized to Monroe over the phone and told him that she was leaving Portland for a little while because her aunt was ill. She then asked Monroe to look after the shop while she was gone, which Monroe agrees to do. Later, while Rosalee was on a bus out of town, Monroe, Nick, Hank, and Angelina called her to get her help to make a Dead Faint Potion for Monroe. She was reluctant to help at first because of the risks, but she ended up helping and she also warned the group about how to save Monroe if the potion went wrong. Later on, Nick called Rosalee to tell her everything went well, much to her relief. ("Over My Dead Body")

Rosalee later called Monroe while he was in the shop to inform him of an order placed by Leroy Estes, a man with balance problems. She then gave him the recipe for the Inner Ear Potion and told him about the assourdissant to give to Leroy. When Monroe called Rosalee later on, he realized he made a mistake and he decided to pay Leroy a visit. ("The Bottle Imp") Awhile later Rosalee called Monroe at the spice shop and told him her aunt was getting better and she should be home soon. ("To Protect and Serve Man") Monroe soon received a call at home from Rosalee, and he told her about the Nick/Juliette/Captain Renard drama. Rosalee figured out that Renard was the one who woke Juliette from her spell induced coma. She then told Monroe that her aunt was doing much better and that she was returning to Portland. The next morning Nick and Monroe meet Rosalee at the bus station. Rosalee stepped off the bus and greeted Monroe with a kiss. She then greeted Nick and told them they need to get to the spice shop right away. At the shop, Rosalee blended a batch of the potion for Nick to drink. At first Nick didn't realize the side effects, but he then fell to the ground and turned red. ("Face Off") After Nick regained consciousness, Rosalee escorted Juliette and Captain Renard into a back room while Monroe pricked Nick's thumb and took a sample of his blood. Monroe gave the sample to Rosalee, who added it to part of the potion she was making (just Juliette's) for Renard and Juliette. ("Natural Born Wesen")

The Wesen CouncilEdit

Later on, Rosalee and Monroe talked about the bank robberies around Portland and the possibility of getting the Wesen Council involved. Monroe hoped it wouldn't come to that. Rosalee addressed a meeting of very scared Wesen in the spice shop and promised that she would deal with the situation. The Wesen were scared that they would be the victims of a "witch hunt" after what happened in the bank robberies. Later Monroe and Rosalee were talking about the meeting when she revealed that her father and brother had a contact on the Council. She and Monroe searched Freddy's papers and found the contact details and Rosalee made the call. ("Natural Born Wesen")

Juliette's VisionsEdit

While Nick, Hank, Monroe, and Rosalee were talking about Captain Renard, Nick told them that Renard woged into a Hexenbiest. Rosalee then told him that as he is male, he's technically a Zauberbiest. Later, Juliette visited Rosalee at the spice shop and described what was happening to her, and Juliette asked Rosalee to come over to see if she could see any of the things that she had been seeing, but when Rosalee came over, she was unable to see any of the things Juliette had been seeing. Rosalee later helped Nick after he was blinded by Andre. She found the cure for the Jinnamuru Xunte worms, and once Andre was stopped, and Monroe scooped out his eye, Rosalee prepared the cure and administered it to Nick's eyes to help him regain his vision. ("Mr. Sandman")

Rosalee and Monroe were enjoying a quiet evening at the spice shop when Juliette arrived and told them about her visions of Nick. They accompany her home and when Monroe blurted out a reference to the trailer, Rosalee said that it may be necessary for Juliette to go there to see if that helps with her memory. ("Nameless")

Jury DutyEdit

Rosalee was on jury duty and at the trial of Don Nidaria. When she left, she went to the spice shop to lay down. Monroe came over and she told him she hadn't been feeling well and that at the court, she felt one way about the case, but suddenly was leaning the other way. Once Monroe discovered that the defense attorney, Barry Kellogg, was a Ziegevolk, he called Nick to the courthouse and told him what he discovered. Back at the spice shop, they told Rosalee what was going on and they started looking for a way to stop Kellogg. Rosalee discovered that Ziegevolk have a special gland and found a neutralizing potion. She made the potion and gave it to Monroe to inject into one of Kellogg's toads before he ate it.

Rosalee, as the jury foreperson, announced the guilty verdict, meaning that Kellogg couldn't sway the jury with his pheromones, and that the potion worked. In the back room of the spice shop, Nick, Hank, Monroe, Rosalee, and Bud Wurstner popped open a bottle of champagne to celebrate. Kellogg then walked into the spice shop for help. Rosalee came out of the back room, and Kellogg recognized her from the jury and accused her of poisoning him. He woged and attacked her, but Monroe woged, grabbed Kellogg, and threw him into shelf of supplies while defending her. ("One Angry Fuchsbau")

Aliens and a MuseEdit

Rosalee and Monroe were talking in Monroe's kitchen about whether Monroe should invite his parents to Portland. He was unsure because Nick might cut off their heads as they were not Wieder Blutbaden. They started kissing, but quickly stopped as Nick arrived back.

Rosalee was in her shop when Nick came in to ask about Glühenvolk. She said that she thought they were extinct, as they were hunted for their luminescent skins, and that when she was little, she thought that seeing one was good luck, and that she thought they looked beautiful. When Nick told her about the cow ovaries, Rosalee found a book and said that there were two of them because the female was pregnant and the male must be doing the hunting. When Nick told her that there had been 27 attacks, she stated that the female must be about to give birth. Monroe then walked in and Rosalee told him about the Glühenvolk. She said that they must help them, and insisted that Monroe and her were going with Nick. When they found George Lazure's trailer and entered, Rosalee found a knife that she identified as a fleshing knife. Rosalee then found the bottle of Sauver Sa Peau and Monroe said that if a Wesen was shot with the bullets, the bullets would kill the Wesen, but the potion would cause the Wesen to remain in full woge after death for 6-8 hours. As they left the trailer, Rosalee poured the Sauver Sa Peau down the sink and Monroe took the bullets.

When they arrive at the cabin where Jocelyn was, Rosalee introduces herself, Monroe, and Nick, and explains that they were there to help. When Jocelyn woged, Rosalee declared that she was beautiful. Jocelyn then started to go into labor and Rosalee took charge. Nick went to get the first aid kit from his SUV and Rosalee instructed Monroe to hold Jocelyn's hand. Rosalee then delivered the baby as Vincent returned. When Lazure confronted them, Rosalee, along with Monroe and Vincent woged and challenged him. It was Nick's revelation that he was a Grimm that distracted Lazure sufficiently, so that Monroe could attack, and Nick could grab Lazure's gun to shoot and kill him after Lazure knocked Monroe out. Rosalee, Nick, and Monroe then wished Vincent, Jocelyn, and the baby good luck as they drove away in Lazure's truck on their way to Alaska. ("Endangered")

Later, Hank consulted with Rosalee and Monroe regarding Nick's strange behavior. He showed them the picture that Nick drew of Khloe Sedgwick's woged form in the bar, but neither knew what kind of Wesen they were dealing with. They all go to the trailer which fascinated and intrigued Rosalee until Monroe pointed out that its purpose was to aid Grimms in the killing of Wesen. After awhile, they figured out that Khloe was a Musai. Now that she knew what type of Wesen was involved, Rosalee was able to use the books in the spice shop to discover more about Musai, including the fact that there was no known antidote to the effect of a Musai's kiss. Rosalee theorized that as the effect was like love, then the only cure would be the real thing. Juliette then arrived asking for the key to the trailer, and Rosalee convinced Monroe to give it to her. After Juliette returned from visiting the trailer, Monroe and Rosalee attempted to explain what was wrong with Nick. They say that it was similar to what happened to her, but that she was the cure, not a potion that Rosalee could concoct. All three then go the the precinct to find Nick, where Juliette helps cure him. ("Kiss of the Muse")

Woge DemonstrationEdit

Rosalee was working in the spice shop when Monroe, Bud, and Juliette arrived. Monroe explained that Juliette had asked to see what "woge" was, and they thought that it would be best if they demonstrated where medical attention would be nearby if required. Rosalee woged first, followed by Bud and finally Monroe. Later, Nick called in before going for a dinner with Juliette, Rosalee explained that Juliette had seen all three of them woge. ("The Waking Dead")

Zombies in PortlandEdit

Rosalee went for dinner at Monroe's house. They discussed that Nick may not be home for a while, which lead to them making out. Rosalee woged into her Fuchsbau form, and Monroe told her she was hot before they resumed kissing.

Rosalee was in the spice shop with Monroe when Nick and Hank brought Al in. When Nick told her that they were dealing with a Cracher-Mortel, she looked in the books and found a cure. She and Monroe started to make the cure while Nick and Hank left. Once the cure had been made, Rosalee administers it using a Piqure-Gigantesque. Nick returned with Juliette and gave Rosalee his key to hide, and then Rosalee, Monroe, Nick, and Juliette made more antidote and head to the container yard. At the yard Rosalee administered the cure to a couple of victims, then fled to the car with Monroe and Juliette as the zombies overran them. ("Goodnight, Sweet Grimm")

Spring 2013-Spring 2014: Season 3Edit

Searching for a Zombie GrimmEdit

After Monroe crashed the car, she followed him and Juliette up a crane onto a container where she fought with the others to prevent the zombies from reaching the top. The police, led by Sergeant Wu and Hank then arrived to work on containing the zombies. Once Captain Renard arrived to where everyone was, he took Hank, Monroe, Rosalee, and Juliette to the airport where the coffin containing Nick was going. On the way to the airport, Rosalee said she didn't think Nick would behave the same as the other zombies because he was a Grimm. The group arrived at the airport just as the plane was taking off. While Juliette confronted Renard, Hank told Rosalee she needed to make more of the antidote.

Rosalee, Monroe, and Juliette then returned to the spice shop and when Monroe broke a flask, Rosalee said that another way of delivering the antidote would be as a gas. They returned to the container yard and she told Wu and Franco about how the cure would be administered, so while Monroe attracted the zombies away from the entrance to the container by banging on the wall, the police quickly opened the container while Rosalee and Juliette threw jars of the antidote in and everyone then waited to see if the antidote worked. After a little while, shipping container was quiet. The police opened the doors and were confronted with a bunch of bewildered people. Rosalee told them that they would all be okay now. Monroe's phone rang and it was Hank who told the group that Nick's plane crashed. When Monroe, Rosalee, and Juliette arrived to the crash site, Hank and Renard informed them that Nick was not there. Hank then received a call and was told about a 911 call that came from a nearby bar after a fight, so they all headed over there. At the bar Rosalee said that Nick's scent was different, but she didn't know what it was. Renard, Hank, and Monroe go inside while Rosalee and Juliette wait outside. ("The Ungrateful Dead")

Rosalee soon accompanied Captain Renard and Juliette into the bar while Monroe and Hank were searching for Nick. After Hank told Renard where he and Monroe were, the group left the bar. The group arrived at a house where Nick and Monroe told them that they had Nick temporarily trapped in a barn. Hank, Renard, and Monroe soon went into the barn as they heard Nick breaking free. After a few minutes, Juliette and Rosalee went in and Juliette stabbed Nick in the stomach with the Piqure-Gigantesque, but Nick hit her to the ground before she could administer the antidote, so Rosalee quickly ran up and pushed the plunger. As Nick moved forward to attack her, Monroe moved between them and Nick collapsed.

Back at the spice shop, Rosalee administered another dosage of the antidote into Nick. Rosalee said there was nothing else they could do and she wasn't sure if the antidote would even work on him. Later, Rosalee was cleaning Monroe's head wound when Nick woke up and asked why he was there, and what was happening. The group then nominated Juliette to tell Nick what happened. The next day, Captain Renard went to the spice shop with Hank, and Juliette arrived shortly afterwards. Captain Renard explained that one of the belligerents in the bar fight died, and as the local sheriff saw him with Rosalee and Juliette, they would soon be questioned, and in order to protect Nick, they needed to get the details of their stories straight. Later, when Monroe and Rosalee were cleaning the spice shop, Detective Holtby and Detective Bauer arrived to question Rosalee about the events at the bar. She explained that she was an apothecary and was working with Captain Renard and Juliette as she had a possible cure for the infectious neurotoxin that had been causing "Lazarus syndrome." When asked if she could describe Thomas Schirach, Rosalee said that she never saw him. 15 minutes after they left, Rosalee called Juliette to let her know the detectives had been at the spice shop. ("PTZD")

Moving in with MonroeEdit

Rosalee was having dinner with Monroe at Raven & Rose, a restaurant in downtown Portland. Before the meal they were each offered a beef and mushroom tartlet as compliments of the chef. After allowing Monroe to smell his, Rosalee ate both to prevent him from falling off the meat wagon. During the meal Monroe asked Rosalee to move in with him, and she accepted. Monroe's old friend, Sam then walked past with his wife Kimber. They greeted each other warmly, before Sam and Kimber leave.

At Nick's moving out of Monroe's house party, Monroe got a call from Kimber who told Monroe that Sam was missing. Nick and Monroe figure out that the victims who died after eating at Raven & Rose were all Blutbaden. Rosalee then asked how the victims died, and Juliette said that it was like gastric dilatation volvulus, and that basically their insides burst. Rosalee said that sounded familiar and she needed to get to the spice shop. At the spice shop, Rosalee found the entry on Völlige Verzweiflung and read it out. Monroe tried to remember if he ate mushrooms at the restaurant, and Rosalee remembered the tartlets, and that they were given to everyone, but Monroe didn't eat his because it had meat in it.

Rosalee and Monroe were talking in the spice shop about what happened to Sam, and Monroe said that they couldn't let the Bauerschwein get away with everything. Rosalee tried to calm Monroe down, and said that Nick would handle it. Monroe said that he couldn't as this was between Blutbaden and Bauerschwein. Nick arrived and told them that Chef Graydon Ostler knew what he was doing, but wouldn't turn himself in. Rosalee asked Nick what he could do without proof. Monroe said Nick could do nothing, woged, and opened the door to leave. ("A Dish Best Served Cold")

Later, Rosalee was moving her belongings into Monroe's house when she said that with all her stuff it made Monroe's place look smaller. Monroe said that it was an opportunity to clear out some of his junk, but when he suggested a glass ball, he ended up telling Rosalee its history. She put the ball back and they started kissing. Nick and Hank arrived later to talk about their case and Rosalee told them that she knew a Naiad in Seattle, and that Nick probably had some information about them in the trailer. She told Monroe to accompany them, even though they were still unpacking. Later, Rosalee and Monroe were nearly finished unpacking when Monroe found a Chia pet style rabbit and put it on top of the fireplace. Rosalee took it down saying they both knew it was ugly, and they started kissing again. ("One Night Stand")

Monroe was doing his morning exercises so Rosalee answered the phone when it rang. The caller was Monroe's mother, so he spoke to her. He explained that the person who answered the phone was Rosalee, his girlfriend. Later, Rosalee, Monroe, Nick, Juliette, and Hank were eating a meal while discussing a case. From the information provided, Rosalee and Monroe deduced that Ray Bolton was a Höllentier. ("El Cucuy")

Genetics, Grausen, and DēcapitāreEdit

Rosalee was in the spice shop with Monroe when Nick and Hank arrived to ask about the offspring between Wesen and humans, so they gave a brief overview. When Nick described what happened to Daniel Keary, Rosalee and Monroe thought that he may be Grausen, and if that was the case, Rosalee said she had to inform the Wesen Council. Later, Monroe and Rosalee were asleep when someone knocked on their door. Monroe answered expecting Nick, but it was Alexander who asked for Rosalee. Rosalee appeared and reluctantly told Alexander where to find Daniel. ("Stories We Tell Our Young")

One night, Rosalee and Monroe met with Nick, Hank, and Juliette to discuss and research Gelumcaedus. Later, when Nick called to ask what Dēcapitāre meant, Rosalee answered the phone and told Nick that it was Latin for Grimm as in "he who decapitates." ("Cold Blooded")

First Christmas with MonroeEdit

As Rosalee was getting ready to head to the shop, she asked Monroe if he would be coming by, but he excused himself. When she returned home that evening she found the house full of Christmas decorations. Rosalee told Monroe that her favorite aunt and uncle, Jeanette and Henry, died in a car crash on Christmas eve on the way to her house when she was a kid, so Christmas was a dark time for her. Rosalee woke up the next morning to find Monroe not in bed, so she went downstairs to find the decorations gone and Monroe asleep on the couch.

She later talked with Juliette and told her she felt bad that Monroe took down the decorations because of her. Juliette told her that she and Monroe just need to make their own traditions. After Monroe came home from helping Nick find Krampus, he saw that Rosalee had put all the decorations back up -but, instead of milk & cookies, there was a beer & cigar, being the only tradition she remembered from her childhood-and was passed out on the couch, which caused him to smile and put a blanket on Rosalee. ("Twelve Days of Krampus")

Wesen GangsEdit

Nick and Hank went to the spice shop looking for information about Wesen gangs and Rosalee said she knew the North End Crew, having bought drugs from them when she was an addict. She told Nick and Hank that they were all Yaguaraté. The detectives then asked if she knew about the 7th Street Savages and she told them that they were a Seattle based gang and they didn't usually come to Portland. Later, Juliette visited Rosalee to ask about her friend Alicia's response to Juliette's asking about her Wesen side. Rosalee explained that Nick's, Hank's, and her reaction to Wesen was not normal. She also explained that most Wesen want to be "normal" and to give Alicia time to "come out." ("Eyes of the Beholder")

Engagement and Family DramaEdit

At the spice shop, Monroe found a letter from Rosalee's mother inviting her to visit on the anniversary of her father's death. Rosalee was very nervous about going, since this was the first time she had heard from her mother since her father's death. With Monroe accompanying her, she decided to make the trip. The next day she was nervous and irritable about the forthcoming visit. She also said that her sister, DeEtta, the martyr, would be in attendance.

Outside her mother's house Rosalee had to be persuaded to leave the car by Monroe, and when they reached the door, she was hesitant about ringing the doorbell until Monroe covered her hand with his. Her mother opened the door and seemed genuinely pleased to see her. DeEtta, however, was very curt. During dinner, DeEtta did her best to ruin the reunion, including insulting Monroe's heritage and job. She needled Rosalee so much about missing their father's funeral that Rosalee blurted out that the reason she did not attend was that she was in jail for shoplifting. Rosalee then rushed out of the house, with Monroe in pursuit. Once outside, Rosalee rambled on about how badly the reunion was going, while Monroe held her. Monroe asked what she stole, and when she told him it was a watch, he asked what type, which caused her to laugh and they embraced. They went back to the house where Rosalee's mother met them halfway and hugged Rosalee. ("The Good Soldier")

Rosalee went out to dinner with Monroe in a fancy restaurant and they shared stories about their first woge. Rosalee wondered if they were celebrating something, but Monroe said no. Once they arrived home, Rosalee wanted to go to bed, but Monroe insisted she looked at a clock. When the clock chimed, a bird popped out with an engagement ring in its beak, while the sound repeated "will you marry me?" Monroe dropped to one knee and awaited her answer. Rosalee happily accepted.

When planning their wedding, Monroe and Rosalee realized that there might be a problem with some of their Wesen friends when they discovered that Nick, a Grimm, would be attending. Rosalee convinced Monroe that he should call his parents and tell them the news. Later, Monroe cheerily informed Rosalee at the spice shop that he called his parents and broke the news. They began making out, but Monroe received a call from his mother who told Monroe that she and his father were coming to Portland the next day. Monroe protested weakly, but his mother hung up.

Rosalee was stressing about meeting Monroe's parents while cooking dinner for all four of them when the door bell rang. Thinking it was Nick, Monroe answered the door to his parents. Monroe's parents were very happy about Monroe's engagement until they realized that Rosalee was a Fuchsbau. When they started protesting that Monroe and Rosalee were breaking the laws of nature, Rosalee stormed out of the house in disgust. ("The Wild Hunt") After leaving the house, she returned to the spice shop, sat on the floor and cried. She is later woken up by Monroe arriving to apologize. Monroe said that he loved her and if being with her meant he had to cut all ties with his parents, that was what he would do. When they woke in the morning, Monroe would not be dissuaded from his chosen course and left to say his goodbyes to his parents.

While Rosalee was preparing a potion, Juliette arrived and told Rosalee about what happened after she left Monroe's home the previous evening. Juliette also told Rosalee about the case Nick wanted to speak to Monroe about. When Rosalee told Monroe about the Caccia Morta, he immediately left to find Nick. That night, Rosalee had just closed the shop when Monroe's mother, Alice arrived and knocked on the door. Rosalee opened the door and Alice explained that she did not want to lose Monroe, and that she and Monroe had to decide things for themselves. Alice asked if Rosalee would be open to the Vertrautheiten. Rosalee wondered if it would work, and Alice said that it couldn't hurt. They both woged and performed the Vertrautheiten.

At a meal at Monroe and Rosalee's house, with Monroe, Alice, Bart, Nick, and Juliette, Juliette asked about the wedding, which caused Bart to woge, which lead to the other three Wesen to woge in response. Nick then stood up holding a carving knife, and told everyone to calm down, and all four Wesen retracted. ("Revelation")

Wu's Encounter and a MummyEdit

At the spice shop, Rosalee got a jar of valerian root off a shelf and told Nick and Hank that it was a natural sedative used in teas and oils, but could be very dangerous in large doses. Nick said they should go look for something in the trailer regarding attacks on pregnant women using valerian root. Rosalee asked if they needed help, so she and Monroe went with them. In the trailer, they all realized that they were dealing with an Aswang. Rosalee agreed that this would not be a good gateway Wesen for Sgt. Wu. ("Mommy Dearest")

At Nick and Juliette's house, Rosalee discussed what to do about Sgt. Wu with Nick, Juliette, Hank, and Monroe. They decided to wait and see how he responded to treatment. At the spice shop, while Rosalee and Monroe were waiting for their wedding planner, Nick, Hank, and Juliette arrived to ask if the mummy was a mummified Anubis fully woged and Monroe said it could be. Rosalee told them that lots of Egyptian Gods were Wesen. Nick then showed Monroe and Rosalee the symbols Karl Herman left behind and told them what they meant. They both immediately suspected the Beati Paoli were involved and briefed Nick, Hank, and Juliette about the organization and its goals. Once the others left, Monroe asked Rosalee if they should inform the Wesen Council, but Rosalee said that, because the attack had been all over the news, the Council would have already known about the situation.

As Monroe and Rosalee were closing the shop, Alexander arrived and said that he had to speak to Nick. Later, once Alexander had left after talking with Nick, Monroe and Rosalee thought it was strange that the Council wanted a Grimm to kill a Wesen. Nick called Monroe and Rosalee to watch Alexander's rented SUV and they spotted him putting the mummy in the back of the vehicle. Later, in a clearing in a forest while the Anubis mummy was cremated, Rosalee, Monroe, and Alexander all woged out of respect. ("Once We Were Gods")

A Carnival and Wedding PlansEdit

Nick and Juliette were having dinner with Monroe and Rosalee when Monroe asked Nick to be his best man, and Rosalee asked Juliette to be her maid of honor. The four then happily toasted their glasses of wine.

When Nick and Hank visited the spice shop to ask about the Carnival, Rosalee and Monroe explained about the tradition and how, because the audience believed that the woged Wesen was a trick, it technically did not break the Gesetzbuch Ehrenkodex. Rosalee and Monroe also explained about Umkippen. After Nick and Hank left, Rosalee suggested to Monroe that they investigated the Carnival, but Monroe was unsure, and she said it would be better than Nick going as Grimm. Monroe agreed and they went to the Carnival. At the Carnival, because of the injury to Genvieve, Rosalee inadvertently managed to get herself hired as a performer. While changing into her costume, Rosalee talked to Genvieve and learned that all the performers were suffering from Umkippen, but that her Blutbad boyfriend Max was the worst. Rosalee and Monroe talked and decided that Max was probably the killer.

On stage, as Hedig cracked his whip for Rosalee to woge, Max broke out of his cage early, and attacked the other performers and Hedig. Genvieve tried to stop him, but failed. As Max advanced towards Rosalee, Monroe woged and attacked him. Rosalee then stopped Monroe from further injuring Max by reminding him that Max was sick. Later, Genvieve thanked Monroe and Rosalee for their help as they drove away to get help for Max. ("The Show Must Go On")

Rosalee and Monroe were at home planning their wedding when Nick arrived. Nick told them that he thought it was too dangerous for him to be best man at the wedding because of the risk of a fight if he was identified as a Grimm. Rosalee and Monroe told him that the way they could tell that he was a Grimm was because his eyes turned to an infinite darkness that reflected a Wesen's true nature back at them. Monroe asked Nick if he had sunglasses with him and he pulled a pair out. Nick put them on and Monroe and Rosalee both woged, and looked to see if the sunglasses hid his eyes. They excitedly agreed that they did work and because the experiment was successful, Nick was happy to be best man.

Later, at a bridal shop, Juliette was looking at dresses and holding them up to herself while looking in a mirror until Rosalee came out of the fitting room in her Grandmother's wedding dress. ("Synchronicity")

Adalind and her DaughterEdit

Monroe and Rosalee were in bed making out when Nick called to tell them that Adalind and his mother, Kelly were in town, and that Adalind now had a baby daughter, and that Captain Renard was the father. Nick told them that Adalind and the baby needed a place to stay where they could be safe, so they were coming over. When everyone arrived, Nick and Renard thanked Monroe and Rosalee for helping out. Rosalee prepared a room for Adalind and the baby. After everyone left, Adalind confessed to Rosalee that she did not want to be alone, and Rosalee told her that she wouldn't be.

In the middle of the night, the baby was crying and Adalind couldn't get her to stop. Monroe and Rosalee got out of bed to see what was going on. Rosalee noticed the baby had a little fever which could be why she was crying so much. Suddenly all the clocks in the house went wild as the baby started crying harder. Suddenly she stopped crying and the clocks calmed down. Monroe asked what just happened as Kelly walked into the living room. The next morning, multiple police cars pulled up in front of Monroe and Rosalee's home as Rosalee and Monroe were about to start making breakfast. Kelly sensed something was going on and went to look out the window. She saw the cops and ran back to everyone as cops busted in all the doors to arrest her for the murder of Catherine Schade. ("The Law of Sacrifice")

Monroe and Rosalee were at home working on recycling as Monroe told Rosalee about what happened when they took the baby back at the airport. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Monroe looked and saw that it was Adalind. When Monroe opened the door, Adalind went to Rosalee to tell her that Diana was taken from her and hugged Rosalee. Monroe then called Nick to tell him Adalind was at his house and Nick told him to try to keep her there until they could figure out what to do. Monroe told Rosalee what Nick said and Rosalee wasn't really happy, and warned Monroe that Adalind had her powers back, and if she found out he had something to do with giving the baby away she wouldn't be happy. Rosalee then brought Adalind a drink to help her rest despite Adalind saying she didn't want to rest. Rosalee said she needed to go to the spice shop, but she wasn't leaving until Adalind fell asleep. ("Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen")

Meeting TrubelEdit

Nick called Monroe and Rosalee answered. Rosalee put the phone on speaker because Monroe was exercising. Monroe asked how things went the night before and Nick asked them if they could woge for Trubel like they did for Juliette to show Trubel that not all Wesen were bad. When Nick, Hank, and Trubel arrived at Monroe and Rosalee's home, Monroe and Rosalee woged so that only Nick and Trubel could see their Wesen form. Trubel asked how they knew she was a Grimm and Rosalee and Monroe explained to her that it has to do with her eyes getting very dark. Trubel said that everything was weird now because everyone used to tell her she was making everything up. Rosalee then put her hand on Trubel's shoulder and told her she needed to be careful because not all Wesen were like her and Monroe. ("My Fair Wesen")

Monroe and Rosalee were helping Nick and Juliette with dinner in their home, and discussed Monroe and Rosalee's upcoming wedding. Juliette went upstairs to fetch Trubel while the other three sat around the table. When Trubel joined the rest of them at the table, they all started eating. Soon Juliette offered to get Trubel more food while Rosalee asked Trubel if she remembered the first time she saw a Wesen. Later, Rosalee was in the spice shop and got very stressed out by all the wedding preparations. She confessed her doubts about their wedding to Monroe, wondering about having her and Monroe's families together in one room, along with a Grimm, and told Monroe that she felt that something would go wrong at their wedding. Monroe then hugged her to calm her down.

Later, Nick, Juliette, Hank, Trubel, and Josh Porter went to the spice shop, where Rosalee got Nick's key out of its hiding place. Nick and Monroe printed the map pieces of Nick's two keys together and Monroe confirmed that the keys definitely lead to somewhere in the Black Forest. ("The Inheritance")

Time for a WeddingEdit

At the Zimmer Mountain Lodge, Rosalee and Monroe were going through a rehearsal for their wedding. Nick stood by Monroe as his best man while Juliette and DeEtta stood by Rosalee as her maid of honor and matron of honor respectively. Bart, Alice, Gloria, Hank, and Bud all watched the rehearsal from their seats. That night, Monroe, Rosalee, and everyone else from the wedding rehearsal were having a rehearsal dinner. Bart made a toast where he apologized to Monroe, Rosalee, and Nick for the way he acted when he first met Rosalee and Nick. After dinner, Monroe, Rosalee, Bart, Alice, Gloria, and DeEtta all went to Monroe and Rosalee's home. Rosalee asked everyone if they wanted anything else before they went to bed and everyone said no, except DeEtta who mentioned she'd take more wine. Rosalee took DeEtta to the kitchen for wine while everyone else went to bed.

In the middle of the night there was a crash causing everyone to get out of bed. They all entered the living room to find a very drunk DeEtta in Rosalee's wedding dress. The dress had red wine stains all over it and DeEtta drunkenly told Rosalee she wouldn't let her get married in the dress because she had had two failed marriages after getting married in the dress. She told Rosalee the dress was bad luck and she was doing her a favor, before she passed out on the floor. The next morning, Rosalee, Gloria, Bart, and Alice went to a bridal shop to find a new dress. The shop was not open yet, but a saleswoman was inside and after some persuading, she let everyone in so Rosalee could get a dress, which Bart and Alice told Rosalee they would pay for.

At the wedding, Rosalee came down the stairs and met Hank, who walked her the rest of the way up the aisle. Monroe and Rosalee said their vows and put on their wedding rings. Right after they kissed each other for the first time as a married couple, Trubel ran in with an antidote for Nick, which caused all the Wesen wedding guests to freak out. Rosalee helped get Trubel away from everyone and then she discovered that Nick had lost his Grimm abilities. Rosalee and Monroe stayed behind while Nick, Hank, and Juliette got Trubel away from the wedding site. ("Blond Ambition")

Spring 2014-Spring 2015: Season 4Edit

Trying to Restore Nick's Grimm PowersEdit

Soon after all the police and investigators left Nick and Juliette's home, and while Nick and Trubel were at the precinct, Monroe and Rosalee came over, still in their wedding clothes. Juliette was disappointed that they came over instead of going on their honeymoon. They told her there was no way they could go with everything that just happened.

Rosalee told Monroe and Juliette that they needed to figure out what was in the bottle that Trubel brought to the wedding for Nick as Nick and Trubel arrived home. Trubel apologized to Monroe and Rosalee for messing up their wedding and Rosalee told her she did what she had to for Nick. Rosalee said they just needed to find out how Adalind did this and Juliette said she slept with Nick, which shocked Monroe and Rosalee. Nick told them that Adalind made herself look like Juliette. Rosalee then said she hoped it wasn't some kind of Verfluchte Zwillingsschwester, or an entwining twin curse because they make a mess of things. Monroe and Rosalee then went to the spice shop to look for info. ("Thanks for the Memories")

At the spice shop, Monroe and Rosalee attempted to research the Verfluchte Zwillingsschwester with little success. They came to the conclusion that Renard must have known what Adalind did since he had a potion for Nick to drink. Monroe suggested they find out where Adalind made the potion so they could reverse engineer it, but Rosalee said that Renard could have made it himself since he's a Zauberbiest. Later, Juliette arrived at the spice shop and told them she didn't think they should be in such a hurry to fix everything because Nick being a Grimm hadn't been the greatest thing for her or Nick. She told them that Nick also wasn't positive he wanted to be a Grimm again. Rosalee reminded her that just because Nick couldn't see Wesen, didn't mean he didn't know. Juliette assured them it wouldn't change their friendship in any way and left. Monroe told Rosalee he thought they should keep looking for a way to help Nick anyway. ("Octopus Head")


Bud Wurstner showed up at the spice shop to meet Monroe and Rosalee, whom Nick Burkhardt recommended he see regarding his hair loss problem. Bud asked if Rosalee had a remedy for hair loss for his "friend," and satisfied with their answer, he excitedly left. Rosalee employed the help of Monroe in making the hair regrowth formula, but Monroe did not exactly follow Rosalee's instructions.

Bud returned to thank Monroe and Rosalee for preparing the formula "for his friend." Rosalee also tried Monroe's "creative" baking, which involved making a dandelion-seaweed cookie. Bud came into Rosalee's shop panicking because his hair (and his friend's hair) was growing out of control. Rosalee and Monroe said that they knew that the cure was for Bud, and that his hair looked okay. Bud brought in John Oblinger, who was also suffering from extreme hair growth. Rosalee and Monroe then had to wash the cure into both Bud and John's hair. ("Bad Hair Day")

Rosalee was helping Juliette to lay out the food and drinks for a spa party at Juliette's home. When the host arrived, to the surprise of the ladies, it was a man. Rosalee, Juliette, and the other guests decided that they didn't mind as he was good looking. Part way through the party, Juliette showed Rosalee a frog she found in the kitchen. Rosalee immediately realized what this meant, a Ziegevolk was present. They guessed that Madison, the male host was the Ziegevolk and discussed what to do. Rosalee told Juliette that she had most of the ingredients to make the pheromone antidote in her car, the only other requirement was the Ziegevolk's sweat.

By turning up the central heating they were able to make Madison sweat while wearing a sleep mask. Rosalee then used the sweat to make the potion in a blender. They disguised the potion as a smoothy and handed them around with Madison getting the special one. After the spa party was over, Madison was leaving and Juliette's friend Roni was about to leave with him when Juliette attempted to stop her. Roni told Juliette that she was okay and she inadvertently woged into a Ziegevolk as she did so. Rosalee was so stunned to see a female Ziegevolk that Roni and Madison were able to leave before they could warn Madison. ("Love is in the Air")


A Wesen with a troubled past, Rosalee had her share of ups and downs in life before coming into Monroe's. A former J addict, Rosalee came to Portland following her brother's brutal murder. She was seen depressed but was nonetheless willing to help Nick at bringing Freddy's killers to justice, even after realizing that he was a Grimm. Like Monroe, Rosalee has a high moral compass, given her becoming noticeably appalled by immoral conducts of human and Wesen alike, which readily motivates her to do the right thing. Occassionally, she would even be assertive (if not downright aggressive) in her approach.

Rosalee also exhibits a supportive and sometimes even motherly side to those close to her, as seen when she gave advice on acceptance when Juliette came to her concerning her Wesen friend Alicia.


First and foremost, Rosalee is a Fuchsbau and also one of Nick's more prominent Wesen friends. Hence, she has the power to shift into her true Wesen form when forced to exert herself or when under stress. While in this state, her senses, particularly her sense of smell, becomes very acute, on par with Monroe's.

Rosalee is also a talented apothecary, and well-versed in multiple forms of ancient remedies. This effectively makes her among the more intellectual members of Nick's friends. She showed some level of fighting skills, and was able to knock down a Drang-Zorn with a single punch.


  • Monroe - Rosalee first met Monroe when she came to Portland from Seattle after her brother, Freddy was murdered. ("Island of Dreams") Nick contacted her, being the spice shop owner's next of kin. Monroe came to the spice shop one night with Nick while Rosalee was there. Later, she saved Monroe's life, which he thanked her by getting her flowers. With Monroe then helping Rosalee out a bit with the spice shop and both of them aiding Nick, they began to grow close. Monroe first asked Rosalee out for a picnic date, during which they also had their first kiss. ("Quill") After dating for awhile, Monroe asked Rosalee to move in with him ("A Dish Best Served Cold"), which she accepted, and they soon got engaged ("The Wild Hunt") and married. ("Blond Ambition")
  • Nick Burkhardt - She was initially wary of Nick being a Grimm, but the two eventually befriend each other, and Rosalee now aids Nick with solving various Wesen related cases using her apothecary skills.
  • Juliette Silverton - Rosalee met Juliette when she was taken to the spice shop to break the bond with Renard using the Infatuation Cure. Juliette has since become one of Rosalee's good friends and confidant. Rosalee was also the first Wesen that Juliette saw woge.
  • Hank Griffin - Rosalee first met Hank briefly after she came to Portland following Freddy's death. ("Island of Dreams") Unbeknownst to Hank at the time, Rosalee ended up playing a large role in saving his life shortly thereafter. ("Love Sick") Monroe decided to call and consult Rosalee after Nick told him about Hank's sudden infatuation with Adalind. Rosalee found out his condition was due to Le mort pour l'amour and informed Nick about destroying Adalind's Hexenbiest spirit, and how to do it so Hank could be cured. Since Hank has discovered the truth about the Wesen world, she has been more directly aiding Hank (and Nick) in their Wesen-related investigations, and has helped Hank further understand Wesen and Wesen-related issues.
  • Gloria Calvert - Her mother
  • DeEtta Calvert - Her sister
  • Freddy Calvert (Dead ) - Her deceased brother
  • Bart and Alice - Her mother and father in-law.


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Quotes Edit

  • (To Nick) "I know it sounds hinky, lets just say it's their pickles and ice cream"  ("Endangered")

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