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The House of Kronenberg are members of a Royal family that lives in Vienna, Austria.

News reports of Eric's death refer to the family as the House of Kronenberg. ("PTZD")



  • Sean Renard, younger half-brother to the prince, target of an assassination attempt by the queen when it was revealed he was the son of a Hexenbiest; fled to the United States with his mother, Elizabeth Lascelles.



Paleways of three pieces, Murrey and Or; bordure Argent; chief Sable, charged with two cinquefoils Argent and rose Or. For the crest, an escutcheon, three fesses, Murrey, Or, and Sable; the escutcheon on the breast of an eagle displayed Sable.

It is not clear what the supporters are, perhaps dolphins or plant leaves.


  • OE-M3Q, the plane used by the Crown Prince, is a fictitious aircraft registration number since there are no aircraft with a registration number beginning with OE-M.

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