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Ryan Gilko

Ryan Gilko

204 - Ryan Gilko infected in Stangebär form

Actor: Kevin Shinick
Gender: Male
Type: Stangebär
Status: Living
Job: PP&R Park Ranger
TV Show: "Quill"

Ryan Gilko is a Stangebär that appeared in "Quill".



He was attacked by a Reinigen (Carl Stanton)  who was infected by the Yellow Plague, which he had apparently gotten from his wife's pigs. While Gilko managed to defend himself satisfactorily, he sustained a small cut, through which the infection entered his body. He later manifests the symptoms. In an uncontrollable rampage, Gilko attacked both Monroe and Rosalee who were out in the woods, scratching the latter and infecting her with the Plague. With his condition worsening, a deteriorating Gilko later stumbles across Nick and Hank, who take him, whilst unconscious, to the Spice Shop for treatment. He is seen later recovering in the shop after Hank and Monroe adminster the cure brewed by Monroe.


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