Ryan Showalter

Ryan Showalter

111-Ryan Showalter woged

Actor: Nicholas Gonzalez
Gender: Male
Type: Fuchsbau
Relationships: Amy Lewis, girlfriend
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Digested by Lena Marcinko
Job: Stock broker
TV Show: "Tarantella"

Ryan Showalter was a Fuchsbau who appeared in "Tarantella".



He was a stock broker who also collected art. He attended an art exhibition where he picked up (or was picked up by) Lena Marcinko. At his condominium, he attempted to force himself on her. She responded by woging into her Spinnetod form, killing him, and consuming his internal organs after liquefying them. His girlfriend, Amy Lewis, found his desiccated body the next day and informed police that despite the appearance of his body, he had been very much alive the night before when she spoke to him on the phone.


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