SERT Team Commander
601-SERT Team Commander
Actor: Dawn Greenidge
Gender: Female
Type: Human
Status: Living
Job: SERT Commander

The SERT Team Commander is a commander of SERT teams in Portland who first appeared in "Fugitive".



She arrived along with a whole convoy of SERT team officers outside of Bud's repair shop, awaiting orders from Renard, who gave the order to "take them down."

"Trust Me Knot"Edit

Before Renard could give the official order for the SERT team to enter Bud's repair shop, he was arrested by Hank and Wu, so the SERT Team Commander took it upon herself to issue the official command. However, after not responding for quite some time, a few gunshots were heard and a lone SERT team member came running out of Bud's shop alerting her that Nick and the others had gotten away. She ran back to her vehicle and ordered the rest of the SERT teams to set up a perimeter in the direction Nick was headed.

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