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Sal Butrell

Sal Butrell

Sal morphed

Actor: David Zayas
Gender: Male
Type: Hässlich
Relationships: Great uncle Mamoose
Status: Living
Job: Building inspector for the Planning Commission
TV Show: "Leave It to Beavers"
Comics: Issue 0 (flashback)
Issue 1 (flashback)

Salvadore "Sal" Butrell is a Hässlich that appeared in "Leave It to Beavers".


"Leave It to Beavers"Edit

He was on the planning committee, where in keeping with tradition he bullied, and exploited the Eisbiber, till their leader stood up to him, and refused to pay. Angered by this defiance he killed him. He was however was spotted by another Eisbiber. This eventually led to Nick and Hank calling on him. Realizing he had a problem, he called the other Hässlich who he worked with and told them about seeing the Grimm. He decided to call the Reapers to kill Nick, however the Reapers didn't trust him, knowing that a Wesen in Portland was working with Nick and acting as his contact to the Wesen World. Suspecting that they were being lured into a trap, the Reapers kidnapped him to make sure he was telling the truth. In order to convince them of his good faith he allowed himself to be arrested by Nick, so they could follow him.

Later in his cell, he was met by Nick, who told him he had killed the Reapers.


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