Sauver Sa Peau
219-Sauver Sa Peau bullet
Owned by: Dead George Lazure
Purpose: Preserving Wesen skin in full woge after death
Location: George Lazure's Trailer
TV Show: "Endangered"

Sauver Sa Peau (soh-VEY suh POH; Fr. literally "(to) save his skin") is a potion that preserves a Wesen in full woge after death.

Sauver Sa Peau is a clear, colorless liquid used to allow someone to skin a fully woged Wesen and preserve the woged skin through tanning for sale.

It can be added in a glass chamber to a large calibre bullet and fired from an air-powered gun.

A bottle and some bullets were found in the Raub-Kondor George Lazure's trailer.

Rosalee poured the bottle away, and Monroe took the bullets.

The ingredients and method of manufacture are unknown.


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