S1 S5
122-Adding Schlaftrunk to dart
Owned by: Nick Burkhardt
Purpose: Inducing sleep
Location: Marie's Trailer (formerly)
TV Show: "Woman in Black"
Referenced: "Lycanthropia"

Schlaftrunk (SHLAAF-troonk; Ger. "sleeping potion") is a potion used by Grimms to put Wesen to sleep.

It is very effective, even on tougher Wesen such as Siegbarstes. It can be administered by putting the Schlaftrunk via eye dropper on the tip of a Doppelarmbrust dart to be shot into the Siegbarste's neck. It is an extremely potent toxin, and just a few drops on a dart is very effective against most Wesen.

The following text was extracted from a photo of a bottle of Schlaftrunk:

Poison. Tinct. Schlaftrunk. Chemis... Currie St. ADULT - Four Globules....Drop of Tincture. CHILD - Half the Quantity. INFANT - One-third repeated every two, four...symptoms are more or...

Excerpt from Grimm DiariesEdit

...I had all the information I needed from the enormous Siegbarst [sic] and no longer had the energy to keep him chained.

Administering the Schlaftrunk once more, my men and I took the creature to the town square, chained him to four horses and stretched him to a painful state.

Drawn and quartered properly with the saber of my choice, I disposed of the no longer Wesen...pieces in an unmarked grave in the forests outside the town.

207-Schlaftrunk Siegbarste Diary entry

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