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Owned by: Nick Burkhardt
Purpose: Inducing sleep
Location: Marie's Trailer
TV Show: "Woman in Black"

Schlaftrunk (pronunciation: SHLAAF-troonk; Ger. "sleeping potion") is a potion used by Grimms to put Wesen to sleep.

It is very effective, even on tougher Wesen such as Siegbarstes. It can be administered to a Siegbarste by filling an arrow with it to be shot into the Siegbarste's neck. It is an extremely potent toxin and a few drops can be very effective against most Wesen.

The following text was extracted from a photo of a bottle of Schlaftrunk:

Poison. Tinct. Schlaftrunk. Chemis... Currie St. ADULT - Four Globules....Drop of Tincture. CHILD - Half the Quantity. INFANT - One-third repeated every two, four...symptoms are more or...

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