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Sean Renard's Home
405-Renard's home
Location: Portland, Oregon
Regulars: Sean Renard
Others: Dead Akira Kimura
Drew Wu
Nick Burkhardt
Hank Griffin
Adalind Schade
Diana Schade-Renard
Elizabeth Lascelles
Juliette Silverton
Jack the Ripper
Dead Rachel Wood
Lucien Petrovitch

Sean Renard's Home is the private residence of the mayor. He bought it using some of his mother's small fortune. ("Cry Luison")

Former HomeEdit

Renard's former home was a condo 16 stories up that was numbered 1605. It appeared to be located near downtown Portland, Oregon. Renard lived there alone; his housekeeper was murdered by Akira Kimura in "Woman in Black". In the wake of members of the Verrat being sent after him and Adalind to get their daughter, Diana, he started living in a hotel, to keep a low profile after both Verrat members were killed. ("The Law of Sacrifice") Later, he moved into his new home while he recovered from being shot. ("Blond Ambition") ("Cry Luison") It was revealed that Renard had fully moved out of his home in "Bad Night", in order to stay at a house with Adalind, Diana, and Kelly that was heavily guarded by Black Claw.


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