This page is to document all the main fights that occurred in Season Four. Only major fight scenes are included here. Minor skirmishes and gun battles are not.

See also: Season One Fights, Season Two Fights, Season Three Fights, Season Five Fights & Season Six Fights

"Octopus Head"Edit

Belligerents: Trubel (Grimm) vs. Timothy Perkal (Gedächtnis Esser)

Circumstances of the Fight: Timothy came over to Kent Vickers' house to steal his memories, but he was side tracked by Trubel, whom he knocked out and tied her hands behind her back. When she woke up, he began to steal Vickers' memories, and Trubel came to save Vickers, still with her hands behind her back.

Outcome: Trubel ran up and kicked Timothy off Vickers. She then kicked his chest and his face, knocking him into the wall. She then kicked his face again. She tried to kick him again, but he blocked it, got back up, and grabbed Trubel by the throat, slamming her into the wall. Trubel kneed him several times, but Timothy threw Trubel into a glass table, knocking her out. He woged and proceeded to steal her memories, but once he learned she was a Grimm after stealing many of her traumatic memories, he stopped and started to have a severe mental breakdown, when Nick and Hank arrived and arrested him.

"The Last Fight"Edit

Fight OneEdit

Belligerents: Clay Pittman (Heftigauroch) vs. Boxer

Circumstances of the Fight: Clay got into the boxing ring with the boxer, and they began to fight in front of an audience.

Outcome: Clay and the other boxer fought, and both were fairly evenly matched in the beginning, but Clay woged his eyes and began to turn more aggressive, and he then soundly beat the other boxer up, eventually knocking him out.

Fight TwoEdit

Belligerents: Trubel (Grimm) vs. Hurricane (Nuckelavee)

Circumstances of the Fight: Wanting to see what Trubel could do, Stan Kingston had Hurricane challenge Trubel in the ring, and they fought. Hurricane woged into a Nuckelavee, and Trubel had to lower her head so Hurricane wouldn't realize that she was a Grimm.

Outcome: Hurricane at first got the better of Trubel, blocking her punches and then knocking her down. However, once Trubel got back up, she began to use dirty tactics like elbowing, and she easily overpowered Hurricane and ended up knocking her down with a punch to the face.

Fight ThreeEdit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt, Hank Griffin, and Trubel (Grimm) vs. Stan Kingston (Schinderdiv)

Circumstances of the Fight: Stan was about to send three men to beat Clay so he could fight, when Nick and Hank arrived, causing the other men to leave. Nick told Stan they knew what he was, and Stan woged to see if one of them was a Grimm, but Trubel then arrived, and once he learned she was a Grimm, he attacked.


Trubel pulling on Stan's tusk

Outcome: Stan charged at Trubel, who kicked his face, but Stan threw her into a metal door. Nick and Hank charged at Stan, and Nick kicked Stan back. Nick charged at Stan again, but Stan picked him up and threw him down. Hank punched his face, hurting his hand in the process, and when he tried to punch him again, Stan ducked and picked up Hank, throwing him into a dumpster. Nick got back up, but Stan tackled him back down and tried to gore him, and Nick was barely able to hold him off. Just when Stan was about to kill Nick, Trubel pulled Stan off of him, leapt onto his back, grabbed a hold of one of his tusks, and pulled his neck to the side until she snapped his neck, sending herself flying off him.

"Cry Luison"Edit

Belligerents: Trubel (Grimm) vs. Shaw Steinkellner (Klaustreich)

Circumstances of the Fight: After learning Nick was no longer a Grimm, Shaw planned to kill Nick, but Trubel intervened to tell him to stay away. However, he didn't listen, threatened Bud, and attacked her.

Outcome: Shaw tried to punch Trubel, who caught his arm, threw him into the car, punched his face, and kicked his stomach. He got back up and woged but was terrified to see that she was a Grimm. She punched and headbutted his face, as he begged for her to not kill him. She pulled out her machete and held it to Shaw's throat, telling him to never bother anybody else again, before she drew some blood on his neck with a cut as a warning.

"Highway of Tears"Edit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt (Grimm) vs. JP (Phansigar), Adesh (Phansigar), and Sharat (Phansigar)

Circumstances of the Fight: Nick, Hank, and Monroe went to the salvage yard and saw the Phansigars beginning their ritual. The trio interrupted the ritual, and Hank and Monroe ended up being thrown into two deep holes in the ground. The Phansigars grabbed Nick and prepared to sacrifice him, but as JP woged, Nick regained his Grimm powers.

Outcome: JP woged and wrapped his tongue around Nick's throat and began to choke him. However, Nick easily unwrapped the tongue from his neck and punched JP, knocking him back and tearing out JP's tongue from his mouth. Nick got back up and faced Adesh and Sharat, who woged and learned that Nick was a Grimm. JP got back up, but Nick elbowed him in the face, kneed his stomach, and slammed his arm into his face, knocking him down. Adesh tried to claw Nick, who ducked. Sharat tried to claw Nick three times, but Nick avoided him twice, then caught his arm, punched his face, elbowed his chest, and grabbed the back of his head and flipped him down, knocking him out. Adesh tried again to claw Nick, who ducked. Adesh charged at Nick, but Nick grabbed him, flipped him onto a car windshield, shattering it, and kicked his face, knocking him out. JP woged again and attacked Nick, but Nick punched him in the face four times, backhanded him, and punched him again, knocking him out.


Belligerents: Monroe (Blutbad) vs. Charlie Riken (Blutbad)

Circumstances of the Fight: After Nick, Hank, Renard, Juliette, and Wu killed several Wesenrein members, Monroe and Rosalee chased after Riken.

Outcome: Monroe tackled Riken, but Riken pushed him back up. Riken tried to punch Monroe, who blocked him, but Riken punched his chest. Monroe blocked another punch, but Riken punched Monroe's face. They grabbed each other and wrestled, until Monroe punched and backhanded Riken in the face, knocking him down. Riken got back up and pulled out a knife. He swiped at Monroe with it twice, but Monroe avoided it, then caught his arm, knocked the knife away, and punched his face, knocking him down again. Monroe went to grab him, but Riken kicked him down. He was then about to kill Monroe, when Rosalee appeared, woged, and angrily tackled Riken. She and Monroe then ripped Riken's throat out together, killing him.

"Death Do Us Part"Edit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt (Grimm) vs. Stetson Donovan (Matança Zumbido)

Circumstances of the Fight: Stetson danced with Lily Hinkley, hallucinating that he was dancing with his dead wife, when he noticed Paul recording them in a closet. He pulled Paul out of the closet and accused him of wanting his wife.

Outcome: Stetson woged and was about to electrocute Paul, when Nick tackled Stetson. They got back up, and Stetson pushed Nick back and tried to electrocute him, but Nick was unaffected. He slammed his gun into Stetson's stomach, headbutted his face, and kicked him to the ground. He tried to punch Nick, who ducked and moved behind him. Stetson tried to backhand Nick again, but Nick ducked, slams his pistol into Steson's face, and held him at gunpoint to arrest him. Before he could do anything, Lily shot Stetson in the back, killing him, resulting in Stetson releasing an energy wave that knocked Lily into the wall.


Belligerents: Juliette Silverton (Hexenbiest) vs. Jonathon Wilde (Manticore)

Circumstances of the Fight: Jonathon was given a bounty by the Wesen Council to kill Nick, so he waited in Nick and Juliette's house, when Juliette arrived home. He grabbed Juliette's phone and told Nick to come alone if he wanted Juliette to live. Juliette repeatedly told Jonathon to get out, but he kept pressuring her.

Outcome: Juliette grabbed a fireplace tool and tried to hit Jonathon, but he grabbed her wrist and squeezed it until she dropped the tool. He then punches her face, knocking her down. He woged and tried to sting her with his tail, but Juliette held up a hand and telekinetically stopped the stinger before it could impale her. She then also woged and stood back up. She grabbed a hold of his stinger and tried to stab him with it, but Jonathon grabbed it and tried to push it back. They tussled for a couple seconds, before Juliette eventually overpowered him and shoved his stinger into his chest and killed him.

"Trial by Fire"Edit

Belligerents: Juliette Silverton (Hexenbiest) vs. Adalind Schade (Hexenbiest)

Circumstances of the Fight: Adalind came to Juliette and Nick's house to try and find out where Diana was. However, Juliette refused to help, and Adalind aggressively asked her to come with her.

Outcome: Adalind woged and telekinetically threw a vase at Juliette. Juliette, however, stopped it from hitting her in a likewise manner and threw it back at Adalind, but missed. She woged and the two began to have an extremely intense brawl, both using telekinesis to throw objects and push and throw each other around. At first, they were on fairly equal footing, but soon Juliette overpowered Adalind and ended up pushing her into a pillar. Terrified of Juliette, Adalind immediately retracted and fled the house, angrily screaming once she got into her car.

"Bad Luck"Edit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt (Grimm) and Hank Griffin vs. Nigel Edmund (Vulpesmyrca)

Circumstances of the Fight: Edmund ran into the woods to cut off Chloe's foot to sell, as Nick and Hank searched for him. Edmund played his accordion to lure them towards him, when he woged and attacked them from behind with a labrys.

Outcome: Edmund tried to attack Hank from behind, but Hank heard him and turned in time to block the attack with his shotgun. Hank threw the labrys off, but Edmund smacked the handle into his face in the process, knocking him back. Nick turned and tried to fight Edmund, but he was knocked away and kicked down. Hank got back up and Edmund swung his labrys, but Hank avoided it and tried to shoot him, but Edmund used his labrys handle to push the gun away as Hank shot and missed. Hank threw the axe off of him and tried to smack the butt of his gun into Edmund's face, but Edmund ducked and slammed the handle into Hank's stomach. Edmund got back up and smacked the handle into Hank's shoulder, knocking him down. Nick got back up and Edmund swung the labrys at Nick, but Nick caught the handle. They very briefly wrestled, until Nick fell backwards. Edmund charged and tried to kill Nick with the labrys, but Nick managed to grab it and throw Edmund over him. Nick got back up and Edmund went to get back to his feet as well, but Nick ran to Edmund and kneed and punched his face, knocking him back down. Edmund then got part-way up and swung his labrys twice, but Nick avoided both attacks. Edmund then stood up and grabbed a hold of Nick, knocking Nick to the ground. Nick tried to scramble backwards as Edmund swung the labrys down on Nick, but Nick rolled to the side and the labrys got stuck in a log, so Edmund ran as Nick and Hank continued to chase after him.


Belligerents: Sean Renard (Half-Zauberbiest) vs. Kenneth

Circumstances of the Fight: Kenneth lured Renard into a paper mill, having him find Sam Damerov dead. Renard assumed Kenneth wanted him to help find Diana because he was important to the family, but Kenneth said that was not the reason.

Outcome: Kenneth punched Renard in the face and the two began to fight on equal grounds. However, Kenneth started to overpower Renard, knocking him down. Renard woged and they continued to fight, this time with Renard overpowering Kenneth and pinning him into a pillar. However, he began to phantom bleed and experience pain associated with it, allowing Kenneth to overpower him again and knock him down. Kenneth told Renard that he was the one who was important to the family, and unless they joined forces, Renard would end up dead like Sam.


Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt (Grimm) and Hank Griffin vs. Two Varme Tyv

Circumstances of the Fight: Nick, Hank, Wu, and Monroe all went to a hibernaculum to find and arrest Sven Gunderson. However, they accidentally woke up all the Varme Tyv and were chased into a barn where the Varme Tyv tried to break open the door. However, Sven and another Varme Tyv broke into the barn from the back, and Nick and Hank rushed to fend them off, as both Varme Tyv woge]d and attacked.

Outcome: Sven tried to punch Nick, who caught his arm, pushed it back, and punched him in the face, knocking him into a haystack. Hank picked up a big piece of wood and swung it at the other Varme Tyv, who ducked. Hank swung it again, but the Varme Tyv caught the wood. Sven tried to punch Nick, who avoided it, blocked a backhand, and kicked Sven into a haystack, knocking him down. The second Varme Tyv then spun around and threw Hank into some supplies, before turning around to face Nick. Nick punched his face and kicked him to the ground. Sven got on his knees and grabbed Nick's shoulder, but Nick pulled Sven's arm off him and twisted it uncomfortably, making him collapse. The second Varme Tyv got back up, but Hank slammed the piece of wood into his stomach, smacked his face, knocking him down, and then smacked his back, rendering him unconscious. Sven ended up freezing to death.

"Cry Havoc"Edit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt (Grimm) vs. Kenneth Alun Goderich Bowes-Lyon

Circumstances of the Fight: After learning Kenneth killed Kelly Burkhardt, Nick had Kenneth arrested and brought to an abandoned warehouse, where they confronted each other, with Nick secretly armed with a vambrace.

Outcome: Kenneth surprised Nick with a sucker punch. At first the two fought on equal grounds, but soon Nick was easily overpowering Kenneth, and he threw him down. Kenneth picked up a metal pipe and swung it at Nick, who knocked it away and grabbed him. He then activated the vambrace blade and tried to stab Kenneth. Kenneth tried to fight off the blade, but Nick ended up overpowering him, telling him this was for his mother, Kelly, and he slowly entered the blade into Kenneth's neck, killing him.

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