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This page is to document all the main fight scenes that occurred in Season One. Only major fight scenes are included here. Minor skirmishes and gun battles are not.

See also: Season Two Fights, Season Three Fights, Season Four Fights, Season Five Fights & Season Six Fights


Belligerents: Marie Kessler (Grimm) and Nick Burkhardt (Grimm) vs. Hulda (Reaper)

Circumstances of the Fight: While out on a walk, and trying to explain what was happening to Nick, they were ambushed by a Reaper, who was after Marie's head.

Outcome: Hulda knocked Nick down, and proceeded to attack Marie with his scythe. She defended herself with her cane and knife, and was about to be overcome, when Nick managed to kill Hulda by repeatedly shooting him with his service pistol.

"Bears Will Be Bears"Edit

Belligerents: Monroe (Blutbad) vs. Two Thugs

Circumstances of the Fight: Despite his pleas, Monroe guards Marie in the hospital, when he spots a man watching him. He then follows the man into a room.

Outcome: The thug steps out and punches Monroe in the face. He then grabs Monroe and has another thug repeatedly punch him. He drops Monroe and the two thugs beat him up with repeated punches and kicks. They stop, thinking they defeated Monroe, but he instead woges and grabs one thug, slamming him into the ceiling, and dropping him. The other thug pulls out a gun, but Monroe grabs his arm, slams him into a beam, and accidentally rips his arm off, before running off.


Belligerents: Adalind Schade (Hexenbiest) vs. Melissa Wincroft (Mellifer)

Circumstances of the Fight: Melissa confronted Adalind in the hotels that Adalind was taken to for protection's basement, and tried to kill her with a Mellifer stinger.

Outcome: The two of them fought, and appeared to be roughly equal, unable to gain any advantage, all the while Nick was trying to decide which side was right. Just as Melissa got the advantage, Nick made up his mind and shot Melissa.

"The Three Bad Wolves"Edit

Belligerents: Peter Orson (Bauerschwein) vs. Angelina Lasser (Blutbad)

Circumstances of the Fight: Because Angelina killed Orson's brothers, Orson killed her's, and she took revenge and attacked him while he was talking to Nick.

106-Angelina and Orson fighting

Angelina and Orson fighting

Outcome: Orson smells her and grabs his gun. Angelina leaps out of nowhere and pushes Orson into the couch. Orson gets up to shoot, but Angelina slaps the gun out of his hand and tackles him onto the couch. Angelina punches Orson's face and Orson tries to punch her, but she grabs his arm and bites him. Nick threatens to shoot her and Orson pushes Angelina off him. They both get up, but Angelina leaps up and knees his face throws him onto the couch and then onto the ground and begins to bite his neck. Nick remembers the cluster of nerves at the base of the back, and hits Angelina there. As she stops biting, she turns around and is about to attack Nick, when Orson fires his gun and hits Angelina. He gets up to shoot her again, but Nick intervenes and takes the gun away from him, but Angelina is gone.

"Game Ogre"Edit

Fight OneEdit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt (Grimm) vs. Oleg Stark (Siegbarste)

Circumstances of the Fight: Nick just got home and was alone. Stark was determined to draw Hank out, and did so by attacking Nick in his own home.

Outcome: Stark bursts through a window and knocked Nick over. He picked Nick up and slammed him against the wall. Nick attempted to pull his gun out, but Stark slapped the gun out of his hand and punched him in the face. Stark then threw Nick down onto the ground. He then asked where Hank was. When Nick didn't answer, Stark continued to beat Nick up into the kitchen. There, Nick grabbed a kitchen knife and slashed at Stark, but it had no effect, except for Stark to learn Nick was a Grimm. He continued to beat Nick up, and Nick grabbed a glass cup and slammed it against Stark, but Stark was unaffected. Stark continued to beat Nick up all the way back into the living room. Juliette arrives home and Stark then went after her, but Juliette picked up the pot of water Nick was boiling before the attack and dumped the boiling water on Stark's face, burning him. Nick managed to grab his gun and fire off a few shots at Stark before Stark broke through another window and ran away.

Fight TwoEdit

Belligerents: Hank Griffin vs. Oleg Stark (Siegbarste)

Circumstances of the Fight: Stark managed to draw Hank out and they met at the quarry where Stark committed his murders. Hank fired an entire magazine clip of shotgun rounds into Stark's car, but Stark crashed his car into Hank's car. He came out of his car and the two men engaged in hand-to-hand combat.

Outcome: Hank attempted to fire his gun at Stark, but he was out of ammo and hit Stark with his gun, but Stark threw it out of Hanks hands and punched him. His strength fueled by the anger, Hank repeatedly punched him in the face. The two men exchanged punches until Stark punched Hank down. Hank reached his pistol, but Stark kicked it out of his hand and when Hank got up the two continued to punch each other until Stark delivered a powerful punch to Hank that threw him onto the ground. Stark grabbed a boulder and was about to kill Hank when Monroe fired a Siegbarste Gewehr and killed Stark.

"Organ Grinder"Edit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt (Grimm) vs. Levine (Geier)

Circumstances of the Fight: Following the raid on the Geiers' organ harvesting plant, Nick chased after her. She climbed up a tree and jumped down ambushing him.

Outcome: Using her sharp vulture-like talons, she tried to cut him open. Not used to fighting, Nick stumbled back, but soon got his footing and was able to overpower her. He pushed her back, but as she lost her footing Nick attempted to grab her arm and pull her to safety. However, her talons cut Nick's arms and she fell into the fire pit the Geiers used to dispose of the bodies. 

"Last Grimm Standing"Edit

Fight OneEdit

Belligerents: Monroe (Blutbad) vs. Dimitri Skontos (Skalenzahne)

Circumstances of Fight: After being kidnapped by the Leo Taymor, Monroe was thrown into the arena with the psychopathic Skalenzahne.

Outcome: Using flails, Monroe appeared to hold his own, but soon proved to be no match for Dimitri. Dimitri knocked Monroe down, and was about to deliver the killing blow when Nick ambushed Leo Taymor, holding him at gunpoint and ordering him to end the fight.

Fight TwoEdit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt (Grimm) vs. Dimitri Skontos (Skalenzahne)

Circumstances of the Fight: As Leo refused to cancel the fight, Nick agreed to take Monroe's place to save his friend.

Outcome: After being encouraged by Monroe, who told him to focus on being a Grimm, and that Dimitri had a weak hand (due to a wound in a previous fight). The two started off fighting, and Nick was able to hold his own, and managed to knock Dimitri's shield out of his weak hand. Abandoning the flair, Dimitri lunged at Nick, knocking him into the bars, and trying to rip open his neck with his teeth. Nick was able to push him back, and managed to smash him in the head repeatedly, knocking him down to the ground. Grasping a sword, he held it to Dimitri's neck preventing him from getting up. Nick told Dimitri he was not his enemy, and gave him one final punch, knocking him out cold.

"Plumed Serpent"Edit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt (Grimm) vs. Fred Eberhart (Dämonfeuer)

Circumstances of the Fight: So her father could die with honor, Ariel Eberhart kidnapped Juliette, forcing Nick to come to Fred's cave to save her.

Outcome: Grasping a broken copper pole to use as a lance, Nick entered the cave. Fred tried to kill him with his fiery breath, but Nick managed to avoid the flames. He ran at Fred, and the two entered a skirmish, but Fred proved to be strong. He grasped the copper lance and knocked Nick to the ground. Once again he tried to roast him with his fiery breath, but Nick grabbed a copper sheet and used it to protect himself. Nick dove at Fred. This time he fared much better, and the two exchanged blows. Fred managed to get the upper hand for a second time, and again managed to knock Nick down. He tried to burn him with his breath again, but Nick grabbed his lance and skewered Fred in the chest at the last second, fatally wounding him. 

"Love Sick"Edit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt (Grimm) vs. Adalind Schade (Hexenbiest)

Circumstances of the Fight: Following Adalind poisoning Hank, and causing him to enter a coma, Nick went to confront her, and told her "I think its time we settle our differences... violently"

Outcome: Adalind woged and attacked. Nick was able to repel her attack, but she managed to hold off his counter. The two seemed about equal. However, Adalind then tackles Nick, pinning him onto the ground, and they roll briefly, before he gets on top of her. He tricks her into biting his lip by kissing her, thus causing her to swallow some of his blood. As it's the blood of a Grimm, it kills the Hexenbiest part of Adalind, stripping her of all her powers and saving Hank.

"Leave It to Beavers"Edit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt (Grimm) vs. Reaper (Hässlich) and Junkers (Hässlich)

Circumstances of the Fight: Following the arrest of Sal Butrell, Nick tries to take the three Eisbibers, including Bud back to the lodge, but the reapers follow them.

Outcome: In the factory outside the lodge, Nick confronts the reapers, first using his gun, but Reaper knocks it out of his hand. Nick manages to dodge a blow from both scythes, by doing a side flip. He grabs his kanabo from his bag, and takes them on, using the kanabo to deflect the scythe blows. He knocks Junkers back, and manages to land a few blows on Reaper. Reaper swings, but Nick manages to dodge all his scythe swings, and by accident, Reaper cuts Junkers' head off trying to get Nick. He pauses to let out a roar of anguish, giving Nick time to dive to his bag, and pull out his Doppelarmbrust. Nick fired a single bolt and hits the reaper in the neck killing him. 

"Woman in Black"Edit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt (Grimm) vs. Akira Kimura (Schakal)

Circumstances of the Fight: Searching Nick's house for the Coins of Zakynthos, Kimura was caught by Nick.

Outcome: Nick tries to stun Kimura with his Doppelarmbrust, but Kimura dodges the bolt and attacks Nick. The two of them entered a fierce fight, with Kimura originally having the upper hand, but tapping into his anger, Nick manages to knock Kimura into his kitchen. The two continued to trade blows, while Nick demanded answers for the deaths of his parents. He manages to gain the advantage, and knocked Kimura into his living room. The two continued to trade blows, but Nick held his advantage and repeatedly punched Kimura in the head still demanding answers before throwing him across the room. At that moment, Kelly Burkhardt arrives, and manages to knock Kimura out, ending the fight.

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