This page is to document all the main fights that occurred in Season Three. Only major fight scenes are included here. Minor skirmishes and gun battles are not.

See also: Season One Fights, Season Two Fights, Season Four Fights, Season Five Fights & Season Six Fights

"The Ungrateful Dead"Edit

Fight OneEdit

Belligerents: Sean Renard (Half-Zauberbiest) vs. Two Zombies

Circumstances of the Fight: While following his brother, Eric, in the container yard to find out what happened to Nick, Sean came under the attack of two zombies.

Outcome: A zombie leapt onto Renard from the container, making him drop his gun. He recovered to see another zombie and punched him in the face. The original zombie grabbed Renard's arm, but Renard grabbed the zombie's arm and threw him down. The second zombie pushed him into the container and tried to attack him again, but Renard kept him off. The zombie then grabbed Renard and shoved him against the container wall. Soon, the first zombie joined in the attack, both grabbing Renard's arms. Renard managed to elbow the second zombie in the face, but the first zombie shoved him against some boxes. The zombie picked Renard up but lost his grip and threw Renard's face into a box, breaking the box. Renard recovered as the first zombie ran to him, but he kicked him down as the second zombie held his neck. Renard repeatedly elbowed the second zombie, but then the first zombie arrived and, together, the two zombies tried to choke him. However, Renard then woged and broke free, throwing the zombies in opposite directions. He picked up the second zombie and threw him away, punched the first zombie, and threw him into supplies. Renard kicked the second zombie, picked him up, kneed him, and threw him around the container until he was knocked out.

Fight TwoEdit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt (Zombie Grimm) vs. Baron Samedi (Cracher-Mortel)

Circumstances of the Fight: While Baron Samedi was on a private jet that was carrying Nick to Austria, Nick woke up and broke his coffin open.

Outcome: The Baron walked over and spat in Nick's face again, but Nick didn't go back into a death-like state; instead, he leapt out of his coffin and grabbed the Baron. Nick then threw him against the cockpit door and threw him once more across the plane. Alerted by the noise, the co-pilot arrived to investigate, but Nick punched his face and attacked him in the cockpit corridor. The Baron grabbed an empty bottle and smashed it against Nick's head, but it had little effect, and Nick grabbed and threw the Baron against the pilot's seat. The Baron repeatedly said to Nick, "Obey me, for I am your master," which briefly stopped Nick from attacking, but Nick then continued to punch the Baron. The fight caused the pilot to crash the plane, killing the Baron.

Fight ThreeEdit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt (Zombie Grimm) vs. Bar Patrons

Circumstances of the Fight: Nick, in his zombified state, walked into a bar when a customer tried to leave. Nick refused move out of the customer's way.

Outcome: The customer grabbed Nick by the cuff, but Nick punched his face, knocking him out. He then walked further into the bar; with another big man in his way, he pushed him down, and another patron attacked Nick, only for Nick to elbow his face and knock him out. The big man got back up and tried to punch Nick, who blocked him and slammed his palm into his throat, knocking him out. As he walked further in, a panicked woman ran in front of him, and he punched her and knocks her out. Nick then stood still in the middle of the bar, but his super-sensitive hearing made him turn as he heard a man about to hit him with a pool stick. Nick grabbed the stick, slammed it into the man's face, kicked the man, and then slammed the stick in his face again, knocking him out. Another big man grabbed Nick and shook him, but Nick grabbed the man with one hand and threw him across the bar, knocking him out. The original attacker came up to Nick again and pulled out a switchblade. Nick slapped the knife away, punched him in the face, and threw him into a brass handle. The man later died in the hospital. ("PTZD")


Fight OneEdit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt (Zombie Grimm) vs. Hank Griffin and Monroe (Blutbad)

Circumstances of the Fight: Nick, still in his zombified state, attacked a family in their home. As the family hid in a bedroom and Nick tried to break down the door, which was blocked by a bookshelf, Monroe and Hank heard the banging and screaming, and they ran up the stairs.

Outcome: Nick broke down the door and knocked down the bookshelf. The father fell as Nick grabbed him, but Hank tackled Nick and tried to restrain him. Nick pushed Hank down and then shoved Monroe against the wall. Nick then tried to punch Monroe, who ducked and grabbed his arm, while Hank grabbed his other arm and forced him against the wall, but Nick elbowed both men down and freed himself from their grip. The father then picked up his gun lock case and slammed it against the back of Nick's head, but this didn't have much of an effect on him, and Nick then threw the father across the room. Hank picked up a heavy ornament and threw it at Nick, trying to get his attention. However, Nick's superhuman hearing alerted him to the danger and he merely caught it in mid-air without even looking. Monroe and Hank then ran away, getting Nick to follow them out of the house.

Fight TwoEdit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt (Zombie Grimm) vs. Hank Griffin, Monroe (Blutbad), and Sean Renard (Half-Zauberbiest)

Circumstances of the Fight: Nick was trapped in a section of a barn house, and Monroe, Renard, and Hank arrived to restrain Nick, who was initially boxed in, but Nick used a shovel to break out. Nick proceeded to attack his friends when they tried to restrain him. Before the fight began, Monroe and Renard woged, realizing that nothing short of full strength could stop Nick now.

Outcome: Renard walked up to Nick and punched him, but Nick headbutted him and punched him down. He then grabbed Monroe and threw him into some supplies. Hank tried to hit Nick with a rod, but Nick blocked the attack, punched Hank in the face, and kicked him down as Monroe hit Nick in the back with a piece of wood. The wood shattered but barely affected Nick. Nick elbowed Monroe in the face and kicked him back. Renard then hit Nick in the back with the shovel and Hank kneed his face. Renard hit Nick in the face with the shovel, but Nick pushed both back, making Renard lose the shovel. Nick soon grabbed Renard and punched him just as Monroe grabbed Nick, and Nick elbowed Monroe in the face. Hank stood in front of Nick, who grabbed Hank and punched him down, but Monroe grabbed Nick from behind. Nick swung around and violently threw Monroe away. Renard tried to punch Nick, who blocked his attack, kneed his stomach, and threw Renard into a wooden wall, breaking it. Hank then got up and held Nick at gunpoint, begging Nick not to make him shoot him. Suddenly, Juliette called out to Nick, who turned, only for Juliette to stab him in the stomach with the Piqure-Gigantesque, but Nick backhanded Juliette, knocking her down. Rosalee pushed the plunger of the Piqure-Gigantesque and injected Nick with the antidote. The antidote quickly affected him and Nick slowly collapsed and passed out.

"One Night Stand"Edit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt (Grimm) and Hank Griffin vs. Dominic (Naiad) and Jesse (Naiad)

Circumstances of the Fight: Just as Dominic and Jesse began to try to cut Elly Mahario for not obeying old laws, Nick and Hank arrived. Elly was knocked out and anchored to the sea floor.

Outcome: Dominic woged and tried to punch Nick, who caught his arm, kneed his chest, and punched him in the face. Hank was about to dive into the water, when Jesse grabbed a rod and rushed at Hank, who turned and punched him down. Dominic and Nick ran at each other and Dominic grabbed a hold of Nick, who turned around as Dominic squeezed him. Hank avoided the swipes from Jesse, who tried to get back up, but Hank kicked him down. Nick pulled Dominic's arms up and elbowed his ribs, freeing himself from his grip. He moves Dominic away, backhanded his face, kneed him, and punched him down, knocking him out, before diving into the water to save Elly. Jesse tried to get away, but Hank grabbed him and threw him down. He then handcuffed Jesse and Dominic.

"Cold Blooded"Edit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt (Grimm) vs. Gregorek (Gelumcaedus), Andre (Gelumcaedus), and Gregorek and Andre's brother (Gelumcaedus)

Circumstances of the Fight: One of the Gelumcaedus, Andre, kidnapped Hank and had Nick bring his brother, Gregorek, to the sewers in exchange for Hank's freedom. However, they said in order to really get Hank back, Nick would have to fight them because he was a Grimm and knew what they are.

Outcome: Nick turned, blocked a punch from the third brother, and kicked him. He then punched him and threw him down as Gregorek and Andre woged. Nick blocked a punch from Gregorek, threw him down as he kneed his face, and then grabbed the back of his head and kneed his face, knocking him down. Nick then activated his hidden blade in his vambrace, blocked two swipes of Andre's knife, punched his face, and slashed his face before knocking him into the sewer walls. The third brother charged at Nick, who stabbed his throat with the blade and then slashes his throat, killing him. As the third brother died, Nick rolled over his back, kicked Andre, and then slashed his throat and stabbed his stomach, killing him. Gregorek then attacked Nick, grabbed and shoved him against the wall, and bit his vambrace. As Hank finishes untying himself, he grabbed a rod and hit Gregorek, making Gregorek let go of Nick. Gregorek tried to attack Hank, who hit him again as Nick kicked his back, and Hank hit his throat, knocking him down. Hank then arrested him.

"Twelve Days of Krampus"Edit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt (Grimm) vs. Krampus

Circumstances of the Fight: Nick, Monroe, Hank, and Bud found out where Krampus was keeping the teenagers he'd kidnapped. As Monroe, Hank, and Bud freed the teens, Nick looked for Krampus and the two engaged in a fight.

308-Nick choked by Krampus

Nick getting choked by Krampus

Outcome: Nick grabbed a sac with a kidnapped teenager in it away from Krampus, who roared at him. Krampus swung his switch at Nick, who avoided it and took it from Krampus, whipping his face twice before loosing the switch. Krampus kicked Nick back against a tree. Krampus then attacked Nick, who moved out of the way, and Krampus slammed his head against the tree, temporarily stopping him. Nick began to free the kidnapped teenager from the sac, when Krampus recovered and flashed his red forked tongue at Nick. He then charged at Nick, who threw the sac into his face, picked him up, and threw him down. Krampus then got back up, dodged a punch from Nick, and elbowed him several times. Nick then punched his face, but Krampus grabbed him by the throat and began to choke him. Nick turned grey before he punched Krampus in the face, knocking him out.

"Red Menace"Edit

Belligerents: Boris Myshkin (Koschie) vs. Alex Renko

Circumstances of the Fight: When Boris was an assassin for the FSB, he killed the father of Alex Renko and Larissa Komarov. In revenge, Alex went to assassinate Boris, but by this point, Boris was no longer an assassin and was a faith healer.

Outcome: Alex grabbed Boris in the bathroom and dragged him away into the storage room to kill him. However, Boris broke free from his grip and slammed him into the shelf. He grabbed Alex's face, but Alex pulled out a knife and tried to stab Boris, who blocked it and pushed Alex away, though Alex cut his arm in the process. Alex tried to stab Boris, who grabbed his wrist, kicked him, and then grabbed his other wrist and twisted them uncomfortably. Boris then woged and gave Alex a deadly dose of radiation, slammed him against the other shelf, and threw him out the window into an alley. The poisoning worsened and eventually killed Alex.

"Eyes of the Beholder"Edit

Belligerents: Juliette Silverton vs. Joe (Klaustreich)

Circumstances of the Fight: Upset that Alicia left him, Joe tracked her down to Nick and Juliette's home and waited for the perfect time to strike. After Alicia learned that Nick was a Grimm, she tried to run out of the house, but Nick stopped her. With the door open, Joe suddenly emerged, planning to take back Alicia.

Outcome: Joe surprised Nick and managed to knock him down, before then attacking Alicia. Juliette tried to separate them, but Joe threw her down, telling her to stay out of it. Joe then chased Alicia towards the kitchen and grabbed her, telling her to come back with him. Juliette got up and jumped on him, and they struggled into the kitchen. Juliette hit his face and head a few times before Joe threw her down. She recovered and hit his face with a frying pan, but it merely seemed to anger him, and he woged. She told him she was not impressed, and he slapped the frying pan away. She avoided his attacks and kept hitting him. She then grabbed a glass jar and slammed it into his face, knocking him down. She began to beat him, and, as he was down, Alicia grabbed a flower vase and slammed it into his face. They briefly beat him up with kicks to his body, before Nick arrived in the kitchen with his gun drawn. Joe was terrified to learn Nick's status as a Grimm and begged for him not to kill him. As Nick arrested Joe, Alicia told him she never wanted to see him again, and Nick warned him that if she ever did, he would kill him.

"The Good Soldier"Edit

Belligerents: Jim McCabe (Manticore) vs. Colonel Adam Desai (Manticore)

Circumstances of the Fight: Having killed the other members involved in the gang rape of Frankie Gonzales, McCabe found Desai in the VFW bar, where Desai tried to kill him for raping Frankie.

Outcome: They both woged and leapt at each other, knocking each other down. After they struggled on the ground, they both got up and fought heavily, using their tails to hit each other across the bar. Eventually, McCabe kicked Desai down, who avoided a sting, and pulled out a knife to stab McCabe's stinger. When Nick and Hank arrived, McCabe picked up the knife and stabbed Desai in the chest, killing him.


Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt (Grimm) and Monroe (Blutbad) vs. Three Wildesheer

Circumstances of the Fight: Looking for worthy opponents, the Wildesheer targeted Nick due to his status as a Grimm. Nick and Monroe left the trailer, Nick armed with his gun and Monroe armed with the Siegbarste Gewehr, when the Wildesheer attacked.

Outcome: Woden appeared first and attacked Nick, who shot him, but the cloak he was wearing protected him. He and Nick then began to fight, with Woden besting Nick while Monroe tried to shoot Woden, but Monroe was unable to do so because he and Nick kept moving. Then, a second Wildesheer arrived and ran at Monroe, who shot him, but again, the cloak protected him, so Monroe woged and fought back. After much fighting, Nick and Monroe both ended up under a car, when the Wildesheer pulled Monroe from under the car. Nick tried to slash their hair, but once again, the Wldesheer proved difficult. After much more fighting, Monroe and Nick had clear targets when a third Wildesheer came in. Nick and Monroe attacked the Wildesheer again, but this time, things were much more difficult, and the Wildesheer overpowered them. Just as they were about to kill Monroe, Bart, woged, attacked and joined in the fight, to the surprise of Nick and Monroe. Bart saved Monroe and Nick managed to take advantage of the extra help, cutting the hair of all the Wildesheers, finally killing them and ending the fight.

"Once We Were Gods"Edit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt (Grimm) vs. Karl Herman (Anubis)

Circumstances of the Fight: Wanting to steal the mummy, and having Professor Vera Gates help him break into the lab to steal the Anubis mummy, Karl attacked her in her home.

Outcome: Karl went into full woge in front of Professor Gates and then grabbed her throat, about to attack her, when Nick and Hank arrived, guns drawn. Karl threw Professor Gates down, knocking her out, and charged at Nick. Nick grabbed him, but Karl elbowed his face twice and knocked his gun away. Nick then grabbed a hold of him and threw him over himself and down. Karl got back up and punched at Nick, who dodged it and kicked him down. Karl got back up again and Nick caught his arm, punched his face, picked him up, and threw him into the wall. Hank then held him at gunpoint, and they arrested him.


Belligerents: Martin Meisner vs. Two Verrat Agents (Hundjägers)

Circumstances of the Fight: Intercepting Meisner and Adalind, two Verrat agents lied in wait for Meisner as he was checking out the area, but Meisner got the jump on them and attacked them first.

Outcome: Meisner leapt from a tree, knocking the first agent down. He knocked his gun away, kneed him, and slammed him into the tree. The second agent came and tried to shoot Meisner, who grabbed his arm, knocked his gun away, elbowed his face, and threw him down. The first agent kicked at him, but Meisner caught his foot, and the agent tries to kick him again, but Meisner ducked, knocked the agent back, blocked a punch from the second agent, and elbowed him. As the first agent tried to attack him again, Meisner kicked him back into the tree, then kicked the second agent in the face, knocking him down. Meisner caught the first agent's arm and tried to punch him, but the agent ducked. The agent then caught Meisner's arm, but Meisner forcefully kicked him into the tree. He turned as the second agent grabbed a hold of him from behind. Meisner elbowed him, grabbed his arm, and threw him over himself, and Meisner then slammed his palm into his throat, killing him. The first agent swung a kick at Meisner, who ducked, then wheel kicked him in the face face, and slammed his palm in his throat, killing him as well.

"Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen"Edit

Belligerents: Trubel (Grimm) vs. Gangbanger Girl (Skalengeck)

Circumstances of the Fight: After Trubel stole a pair of shoes from a store, the gangbanger followed her to a park and attacked her.

Outcome: The girl woged and attacked Trubel, kicking her down. She avoided several slashes, and the girl knocked Trubel's backpack down, but Theresa swung the backpack at the girl, and the girl threw it away. Trubel tried to run off, but the girl grabbed her and threw her down. She tried to punch Trubel, who blocked it, punched her face, and kneed her stomach, but the girl elbowed her face a couple times and pushed her away. She tried to dive for Trubel's knife on the ground, but Trubel pulled her away, only to get kicked down. The girl got back up and picked up the knife. She swung the knife, but Trubel dodged her slashes, grabbed the girl's arm, elbowed her face, and then yanked the knife out of her hand, before repeatedly slashing and stabbing her. Trubel then fled the scene and ran off.

"My Fair Wesen"Edit

Belligerents: Trubel (Grimm) vs. Ken (Lebensauger) and Donna O'Hara (Lebensauger)

Circumstances of the Fight: After Donna picked up Trubel to shoplift for Ken, Ken ushered Trubel away, saying girls spent their first night with him, but Trubel fought back.

Outcome: Trubel slammed her palm into Ken's nose. He quickly recovered and told her that she shouldn't have done that. He woged and found out she was a Grimm. Trubel quickly kneed him below the waist and ran out of the room, telling the other girls to leave. Instead, two of them hid as Ken walked out, and both he and Donna woged and attacked. Trubel punched Ken down. She elbowed Donna in the face, and as Ken ran at her, she kicked him down. Trubel tried to elbow Donna, who grabbed her arm and bit it, but Trubel knocked her down. Trubel grabbed Ken and threw him away. She punched Donna in the face, grabbed her, and threw her into the wall. Ken leaped and tackled Trubel, and they rolled before Trubel got on top of Ken and punched his face. She saw Donna getting back up and rolled off of Ken, grabbed Donna, kneed her, headbutted her face, and kicked Ken down, before throwing Donna into a table. Trubel rushed over and grabbed Donna, and they struggled briefly, before Trubel pulled out a knife from her boot and stabbed her neck, killing her. Just then, Nick and Hank walked in, and Ken charged at Nick, who shot and killed him.

"The Inheritance"Edit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt (Grimm), Hank Griffin, and Trubel (Grimm) vs. Four Verrat Agents (Hundjägers)

Circumstances of the Fight: The Verrat agents were sent to get a trunk owned by Rolek Porter, who held one of the seven keys. Hank held them at gunpoint as they tried to take the trunk, when Weston Steward tried to run Hank over.

Outcome: Weston tried to run over Hank, who dove out of the way. Then, Trubel and Nick arrived and began to attack the agents. One agent got out of the car Weston was driving and Hank began to fight him. Weston then drove off. Over the course of the fight, the agents woged one by one, but Nick, Trubel, and Hank quickly overpowered them. After Nick and Hank defeated two of them, Trubel finished off the remaining two, when Hank and Nick finally notice she was there.

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