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This page lists characters, including Wesen, who appear only in "Season of the Hexenbiest"

Hundjäger One

Actor Martyn G. Krouse 212 - Hundjager One
212 - Hundjager One woged
Gender Male
Type Hundjäger
Status Deceased
Comments He acted as a doorkeeper on their hotel room, and he opened the door to Monroe.

Hundjäger Two

Actor Simone Leorin 212 - Hundjager Two
212 - Hundjager Two woged
Gender Male
Type Hundjäger
Status Deceased
Comments He met with Adalind in her hotel room and later fought Nick and Monroe.

Hundjäger Three

Actor Carolyn Marie Monroe 212 - Hundjager Three
212 - Hundjager Three woged
Gender Female
Type Hundjäger
Status Deceased
Comments Hundjäger Three accompanied Hundjäger Four to spy on Juliette and Renard, during which she and Hundjäger Four determined that Renard was seeing Juliette. She and Hunjäger Four then informed Adalind Schade about this. Sometime later, she and Hundjäger Four met Renard in an elevator and showed him that they were part of the Verrat.

Later, she, Hundjäger One, Hundjäger Two, and Hundjäger Four were present inside a hotel room that Monroe was let into, but Monroe was forced to leave very shortly by Hunjäger One. After Monroe left the room, she and the rest of the Hundjägers then pursued Monroe and were lured into Nick. During the battle that ensued soon after, she was injured and was about to disclose to Nick who they all worked for, when Hundjäger Four intervened and killed her.

Hundjäger Four

Actor Trenton Rostedt 212 - Hundjager Four
212 - Hundjager Four woged
Gender Male
Type Hundjäger
Status Deceased
Comments He accompanied Hundjäger Three on the various scouting missions, and it was them who discovered the connection between Renard and Juliette. They also visited Renard and identified themselves as Verrat in order to solicit his assistance in the quest for Nick's key. He was with the others in their hotel room when Monroe entered. He was with them as they followed Monroe and was then killed by Nick in a subsequent fight, though not before he regained consciousness and swiftly bit out the throat of Hundjäger Three to kill her and keep her from disclosing who had sent them.

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