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Seek a Sufi is the second mission in Maghreb in Grimm: Dark Legacy. Its difficulty rating is 1/3.


October 1493

My feet took me Southward, to the very edge of the sea of sand, in a city by the name of Ouarzazate. There I heard several rumors: Wesen with a snake head hiding in the dunes, and scorpion-men lurking in abandoned ruins, however these were not my fights to start.

An old shepherd told me to seek answers for my questions from an ancient Sufi, who lived cloistered deep into the mountains. I didn't know what a Sufi was, what he did, or where exactly I could find him, but he'd better not get my boots full of sand for parables and other nonsense gibberish.


  • Speak with Sufi Adoulla Ahmed (0/1)



Missions of Dark Legacy


The Journey Begins


Survive the Night Voice of Hunger Farmer In Trouble Iberian Escape


Hot Weather, Cold Welcome Seek a Sufi

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Leisure Hunt

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